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Best Butterfly Hair Clips for Hair Styling

highly rated butterfly hair clips
The butterfly clip trend from the 1990s has returned. The hair accessory, which has always been purchased in bulk from malls, is used to style in the small hair sections pulled back from the crown of the head. These small but fashionable hair clips have their own distinct personality. They were used extensively in the past to add a touch of class, trendiness and playfulness to your boring hairstyle. Butterfly clips, with their controlling grip, can help you decorate the small hair sections or to accentuate your braid length. We have reviewed the most fashionable and high-quality butterfly hair clips of 2023 to provide you with endless hair styling options.

Comparing the Finest Butterfly Hair Clips of 2023

EAONE Butterfly Hair Clip – Best Overall

butterfly hair clip reviews
The EAONE Butterfly Hair Clip has a firm grip to keep the hair section in place during daily styling. It is simple to open and ideal for enhancing your attractiveness in any situation. These clips are made of premium plastic that is rust-resistant and long-lasting. They come in gradient colors, jelly colors, transparent colors and matte colors to accommodate your hair styling needs with various outfits.

With their easy-to-open metal spring and good quality non-slip material, these butterfly hair clips fit well on hair. This pick received our best overall award because it complements a wide range of hairstyles and hair types.

  • Clips are of durable construction
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Have a rust-resistant finish
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Useless for clipping hair due to size

Boao Glitter Butterfly Hair Clip – Best Style

butterfly hair clip reviews
The Boao Glitter Butterfly Clip is one of those adorable hair clips that every teen wants in their hair wardrobe. Its creative design has vivid colors that add style and life to your hair. The butterfly’s body is made of alloy, while the wings are made of fabric to give a realistic butterfly effect. The wings are made of extremely lightweight and durable fabric that does not damage easily. These butterfly clips come in various styles to match the needs of different occasions and outfits.
  • Compliments a variety of hairstyles
  • Has a sturdy frame
  • Decorative and beautiful colors
  • Strong hair grip
  • Paper cotton fabric is not very sturdy

Bantoye Mini Butterfly Hair Clip – Value for Money

butterfly hair clip reviews
The Bantoye Butterfly Hair Clip comes in a 100-piece pack of assorted colors, providing excellent value for money. You can use them to decorate small sections of your hair for holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s. They are made of resin, a highly durable synthetic material that provides a sturdy finish. The resin material also provides a good grip when you hold the clip. The jaws interlock well to keep hair in place and allow you to create your desired hairstyle.
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Available in assorted colors
  • Has no-slip design
  • Massive value pack
  • Not suitable for big hair sections

XIEHE Mini Butterfly Hair Clip – Best Colors

butterfly hair clip reviews
Because it comes in various beautiful colors, the XIEHE Mini Butterfly Hair Clip goes with any outfit. These butterfly hair clips, designed in the shape of monarch butterfly wings, can add beauty to any hairstyle. The clips are made of high-quality plastic with a metallic spring to add a splash of color to your hair. They are guaranteed to make you stand out in a crowd, whether you use them to accentuate your braid or any other hair section.
  • Variety of colors
  • Beautiful monarch wings
  • Suitable for small hair sections
  • Not very sturdy

Tiweio Pastel Butterfly Hair Clip – Best Material

butterfly hair clip reviews
The Tiweio Butterfly Hair Clip is made with high-quality resin and powdered pigment to achieve a pastel color finish. Pastel colors do not fade easily because they are bound with resin and are not harmful to one’s health. They have vibrant gradient colors that will complement any outfit. These elegantly designed hair clips are strong because the wings are joined by a metallic body. It has a 1.2-inch wide opening mouth to hold a big hair section.
  • Twelve gradient colors to choose from
  • Has a sturdy body
  • Made from non-slip material
  • Not suitable for very small hair section

Buying Guide: Butterfly Hair Clips

This buying guide contains all of the information you need to know before purchasing high-quality butterfly hair clips for yourself.

Types of Butterfly Hair Clips

Butterfly hair clips come in three different sizes: small, mini and medium. They are not as significant as other jaw clips because they are used for hair decoration. They differ slightly due to their different wing colors and styles.

Wings style

Depending on the shape of the wings, butterfly hair clips are designed differently. Butterfly hair clips are usually designed to resemble real butterfly wings and are commonly made in three styles.

Monarch-style wings: A monarch butterfly has deep orange wings with a black outline. Butterfly clips with monarch wings have bilateral symmetry on both sides.

Papilio Ulysses style wings: Swallowtail butterflies are another name for these butterflies. The lower part of their wings has a tail-like structure. Butterfly clips in this style have tails on the underside of the wing.

Parantica-style wings: These butterfly wings are modeled after the Parantica butterfly. Their ending wings are slightly longer but narrower. 

What To Look For in a Butterfly Hair Clip


Butterfly hair clips are made of strong plastic, resin or metallic material. Resin is lightweight but more durable than plastic because it is made of a viscous solid plant-based substance. 

Metallic butterfly hair clips last longer, but they are also heavier than plastic and resin. Check the sharpness of the teeth, as some metallic teeth have sharper edges that can damage the scalp.

Some butterfly hair clips also have paper cotton wings attached to the alloy body. Although paper cotton is a strong material, it may not feel so when touched. Paper cotton gives the wings of butterfly clips a realistic appearance.


The size of the butterfly clip is important. The size of the clip reflects its beauty and can determine how well it will hold the section of hair.

For accentuating hairstyle: With an opening width of 1.2 inches, the teeth size should be at least 0.2 inches in length to provide a firm grip on hair sections.

For small hair sections: Small sections will be held in place by the opening width of at least 1.2 inches. Butterfly clips should be no more than 0.6 to 0.8 inches in length and 0.7 inches in width to avoid being too noticeable in small hair sections.

For clipping the hair together: A medium-sized butterfly clip with a 1-inch wing size and a mouth opening of 1 to 1.2 inches will work best for clipping together a relatively bigger hair section.


All butterfly hair clips have a metallic spring that opens the jaw to allow for hair grip. A good jaw can hold long hair sections, braids or small hair sections.

Butterfly hair clips can be used to decorate any type of hair, whether thick, thin, long or short. These clips come in a variety of colors, styles and shapes. They can complement a variety of hairstyles, whether you want a retro look, a fresh or delicate look, or a mysterious Halloween hairstyle.

Butterfly Clip Buying Tips

Before buying butterfly hair clips, make sure to consider the following factors:

  • Open the mouth of a butterfly clip to check its quality. Butterfly hair clips with a high-quality spring open easily. The harder the spring, the more easily it will break.
  • Choose colors that complement a wide range of hairstyles and outfits. Butterfly clips are available in matte, jelly, pastel and glitter finishes.

People Also Asked

Q: Are butterfly hair clips coming back in trend?

A: Butterfly hair clips are back in style and are heavily used by TikTokers and influencers to style their hair.

Q: How should adults use butterfly hair clips?

A: Adults should use butterfly hair clips on the middle section of their hair, twisting it back near the ear for a classy look.

Q: How can I keep the butterfly hair clip intact in silky hair?

A: For silky hair, use a butterfly hair clip made of raisin or metallic material to give the hair a firm grip.

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