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The Best Barrette Hair Clips for All Hair Types

highly rated barrette hair clips
Barrette hair clips are one of the easiest ways of adding color and fun to a regular hairstyle. They used to be common decades ago, and we are here to tell you that they are back and are even more colorful and shiny than before. These clips are extremely versatile and functional because they will keep your hair out of your face while also giving your hair a unique and fun look. Barrettes will definitely complement different outfits, ranging from casual brunch dresses to formal business wear. Investing in colors that will go with different outfits will be ideal.

Due to their increasing popularity, several brands are manufacturing them, which means that there is a wide variety to choose from. In order to assist you in selecting a few for yourself, we have shortlisted the highest-rated barrette hair clips of 2023.

Comparing the Top Barrette Hair Clips of 2023

Pidoudou Barrette Hair Clips – Best Overall

barrette hair clip reviews
The Pidoudou Barrette Hair Clips come in a pack of 40 and are made using high-quality metal. These clips have a basic design and are black, which means that they will be ideal for wearing on different occasions. The minimalist look is suitable for everyday wear and is also classy enough to pull off on occasions like weddings and parties. They are designed to hold hair tightly and will not slip off. Unlike regular pins, these barrette hair clips won’t tangle your hair. Thanks to their minimalist design and ability to keep hair in place, we chose these barrette hair clips as our top pick.
  • Durable clips made from metal
  • Smooth surface gives them a classy look
  • Do not tangle hair
  • Too small for holding thick hair

BetyBedy Barrette Hair Clips – Most Durable

barrette hair clip reviews
The BetyBedy Barrette Hair Clips are made using solid metal material and are covered with a thick coat of paint that will not chip off easily. These clips will not break easily, and they can hold the hair in place without sliding off even from silky hair. This pack consists of six pieces, and they are packed in a ziplock bag, so you can store them conveniently. Their small size means that they can be worn by children and teens as well, and the pins come in 15 vibrant colors. The basic design and the multi colors make them ideal for different occasions.
  • Durable construction will last long
  • Thick paint will not chip off
  • Ideal for children and adults
  • Different colors come jumbled up in packaging

SWSTINLING Barrette Hair Clips – Value Pack

barrette hair clip reviews
If you are looking for a value pack, you should consider the SWSTINLING Barrette Hair Clips. It comes with 120 clips, which are colorful and have a convenient snap closure. The total number of colors is 40, and you will find three pieces in each color. These hair clips are two inches long, which makes them ideal for children, teens and adults. As long as you style them properly, you can pull them off on several occasions. The quality of these clips is reliable, and they are packaged in a plastic box, which means that you can store them conveniently without losing them.
  • A value pack of 120 is budget-friendly
  • Comes with a plastic storage box
  • Hair clips are eco-friendly
  • May slip easily from silky hair

Goody Barrette Hair Clips – Ideal for Brunettes

barrette hair clip reviews
The Goody Barrette Hair Clips come in six packs, including three pairs of different shades of brown. These are ideal for brunettes as they will blend right in with the natural color of your hair. They are designed to comfortably hold the hair in place without tugging on the hair or causing breakage. The beautiful metallic finish helps set them apart from other alternatives, and the snap closure makes them a convenient option. These barrette hair clips are not available in many colors, so they may not be suitable for teens or children. They are suitable for all hair types, including thick and thin.
  • Provide a comfortable hold
  • Decent and minimalist design
  • Ideal for thick and thin hair
  • Very limited color options

Jiaron Barrette Hair Clips – Best Customer Service

barrette hair clip reviews
Last but not least, the Jiaron Barrette Hair Clips are constructed using high-quality metal and are durable enough to last a long time. They are designed to hold the hair in place without slipping, and they will add a unique touch to your hairstyle. This pack of 80 comes in 20 colors, so both you and your kids can match your outfits. These clips are packaged in a ziplock bag, which means that you can store them easily. They are ideal for keeping your hair in place and will prevent them from getting messy during different activities. The company provides clear refund and return policies.
  • Made using high-quality materials
  • Available in several colors
  • Helpful customer service with clear policies
  • May be too small for thick hair

The Most Elegant Barrette Hair Clips: A Buyer’s Guide

Barrette hair clips are all the hype these days, so we have formulated this brief buyer’s guide to help you in selecting a set for yourself.

Wearing Barrette Hair Clips the Right Way

People often think of barrette hair clips as an accessory for children, and hesitate to wear them on both casual and formal occasions. We are here to tell you that barrette hair clips are back in fashion, and this time for adults as well. Not only are they very easy to put on, but they can also add elegance and a unique look to regular hairstyles. There are several ways of styling barrette hair clips, and we have discussed some of them so you can start your barrette journey.

The easiest way is to part your hair either from the side or the middle and attach the barrette to each side of your hair. Some people find this hairstyle childish, but if you invest in the right barrettes, you can pull it off and also keep your strands and baby hair in place. Barrette hair clips are ideal for both thick and thin hair, and you can use your imagination to make different hairstyles. A simple twist is a common hairstyle and is easy to make. All you need to do is part your hair down the middle and twist the front parts on both sides, securing it with a barrette hair clip. For thin hair, you can use barrettes to style low ponytails and French pleats. Just make sure you are purchasing the right size barrettes for your hair type.

What Features Should Barrette Hair Clips Be Equipped With?

If you want to make the most out of your barrette hair clips, you need to make sure that they come with a few essential features. We have discussed these below.


Most barrette hair clips are made from materials like metal and plastic. We recommend metal ones because they are more durable and will not break easily like plastic ones. Make sure that their paint does not chip off easily, and they are easy to put on and take off without causing tangles and breakage.


Look for barrette hair clips that can be styled in different ways. Try to invest in different sizes and colors, so that you can make hairstyles that range from simple twists to half up-dos or low ponytails. Neutral colors like black or brown are usually ideal unless you want a colorful and vibrant look.


The packaging of barrette hair clips is also an important consideration because they can play a part in how you store them. It is very easy to lose barrettes, so make sure they come in a plastic box or a ziplock bag that will keep them safe.

People Also Asked

Q: How can I get barrette hair clips to stay?

A: Barrette hair clips can be difficult to stay in silky and fine hair. To make sure they do not fall off in the middle of an event, you can secure your hair using a bobby pin first, and put the barrette on top.

Q: Can barrette hair clips damage hair?

A: Barrette hair clips will only damage hair if you pull them out harshly as this can lead to breakage. If you handle them gently, they will not cause any significant damage.

Q: Are barrette hair clips in trend?

A: Yes, barrette hair clips are definitely in trend in 2023. You can add pearls or resins to your regular clips to give them a unique look.

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