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Shoppers Are Switching to Lab-Grown Diamonds — Find Out Why and Shop at Blue Nile

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Our dream jewelry collection? One word: diamonds. Diamond necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings — all diamond, everything. But this dream is just that: a dream. Diamonds are beautiful, but they can be very, very expensive.

This is where lab-grown diamond jewelry saves the day. A cheaper, more ethical alternative that allows you to buy more diamonds for less? Yes, please! Now, we know shoppers have many questions about the difference between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds, so let Us give you the lowdown before we show you our favorite Blue Nile pieces!

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Real Diamonds?

Yes! 100%. Lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds have the same visual and chemical components, making them virtually identical. Same sparkle, same beauty, same brilliance, same longevity.

Lab-grown diamonds are not synthetic diamonds! They are real diamonds in every way.

So, Why Buy Lab-Grown Diamonds Over Natural Diamonds?

If lab-grown diamonds are the same as natural diamonds, what’s the point of switching? There are a couple of popular reasons. One is the price. Since lab-grown diamonds do not have the same rarity as natural diamonds, they can be priced much lower — meaning we can buy more!

Ethical and environmental considerations are also huge factors. Luckily, all of Blue Nile’s diamonds are ethically-sourced and conflict-free, but in general, if you prefer non-mined diamonds, lab-grown is the way to go!

What Kind of Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Can I Buy?

Engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets — you name it. Blue Nile has all types of lab-grown diamond jewelry for all preferences and budgets, even with different carat weights.

Want to see some of your options? Shop five of our favorite Blue Nile lab-grown diamond jewelry finds below and get fast, free shipping on every order!

Our Favorite Blue Nile Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry

Lab-Grown Diamond Stud Earrings In 14k White Gold

Blue Nile

Completely timeless, extremely versatile and absolutely stunning on anyone and everyone, these sparkling diamond studs are all kinds of brilliant. Available in eight different carat weights!

Starting at $296.00
See it!

Lab-Grown Diamond Floating Solitaire Pendant in 14K White Gold

Blue Nile

The perfect finishing touch to any formal look, this sophisticated necklace features one floating diamond that makes a dazzling statement. Available in four different carat weights!

Starting at $440.00
See it!

Lab-Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 14K White Gold

blue-nile-lab-grown-diamond-jewelry-tennis-bracelet copy
Blue Nile

A diamond tennis bracelet is on every jewelry lover’s wish list, and this beauty features round, lab-grown diamonds circling around the wrist for a more affordable way to wear the famous style. Available in eight different carat weights!

Starting at $1,320.00
See it!

Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Blue Nile

Want to buy something super specific for your future fiancée? Hoping to show your partner the exact cut, color, shape, clarity and number of carats you want? Blue Nile has an engagement ring-building tool! Start by choosing “Lab Created,” use filters to help pick a stone and then choose your setting!

Starting at $470.00
See it!

Lab-Grown Diamond Low Dome Eternity Ring in 14K White Gold

Blue Nile

Whether you have a big anniversary coming up or simply just want more diamonds gracing your fingers, this comfortable, lustrous eternity ring will be a winner. An elegant show-stopper — available in five different carat weights!

Starting at $2,520.00
See it!

Looking for something else? Explore more lab-grown diamond jewelry at Blue Nile here!

Not done shopping? See more of our favorite products below:


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