Three Celeb-Inspired Holiday Hairstyles That Take 10 Minutes or Less

Blake Lively, Jessica Alba, Sienna Miller
Blake Lively, Jessica Alba, Sienna Miller James Devaney/WireImage; Charley Gallay/Getty; Fred Duval/FilmMagic

Happy holidays — and hairstyles! Christmas parties are happening right now, and there’s nothing like a little celeb hair-spiration to help you stand out from the crowd of buns and topknots.

Us Weekly spoke to the gurus over at L.A.’s Harper Salon, which boasts Lea Michele, Kaley Cuoco and Renée Zellweger as clients, for three easy hairstyle how-to’s.

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So break out the curling iron and the ‘nog, and get styling!

Blake Lively–Inspired Twisted Pony

Joshua Spencer

1. Gather a small section on the left side and twist it toward the head. Repeat on the opposite side of the head.

2. Take the two twisted strands and cross them over on top of the remaining hair. Then cross them below the remaining hair to create the start of the ponytail.

3. Keep twisting the two strands, but move down the ponytail a couple of inches and wrap them around the hair again to create a break in the ponytail. Repeat one or two more times, depending how long the hair is. 

4. Secure the bottom with an elastic band and softly pull out the hair between the breaks.

Jessica Alba–Inspired Softly Swept Chignon

Joshua Spencer

1. Loosely section off the hair behind the ear on both sides.Take the center section, divide into two halves, and slightly backcomb each near the root area.

2. Take the bottom half and put it into a ponytail. Use your fingers or a brush to smooth out the top part of your section, then wrap it around the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin. 

3. Twist the ponytail loosely into one direction, pull out random sections to give it a messier look, and secure with an elastic band.

4. Now loop the ponytail around itself and secure at the nape area with bobby pins, so it looks like a chignon. 

5. Take sections from behind the ears from step 1, twist them loosely, wrap around the chignon, and secure. Leave out a few strands to add softness.

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Sienna Miller–Inspired Braided Wrap

Joshua Spencer

1. Save a small section of hair from one temple through the crown to the other side of the head to just above the temple on the opposite side.

2. Start French-braiding the hair on the left side until you reach the center back of the head, leaving out a few strands around the face. Continue braiding the rest of this section, secure with an elastic band and repeat on the other side.

3. Braid the top section and secure the ends with an elastic. Pull the braid apart, bring it to the front and pin to your liking.

4. Position the remaining braids on the front of the head and pin to make them look like a headband.

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