Stop What You’re Doing to See Cardi B’s Nails In Her Latest Commercial for Reebok

Cardi B Reebok Commercial Magic Nails Feature
Cardi B in the latest commercial for Reebok. YouTube

Here at Us, we love a good trip to the nail salon, but it’s rare that things take a journey into the surreal. According to Cardi B’s latest commercial with Reebok, the singer can’t say the same.

The commercial was released on July 16 and everything starts out totally normal. Cardi B enters a nail salon named Marcello’s and meets up with a friend for a day at the spa. As she sits under the hair dryer with a head full of hot rollers talking with her friend about boy drama, she looks down to notice that one of her Reebok Club C 85 Vintage sneakers are untied. Everyone in the salon dramatically turns in her direction to see what she will do next.

The singer says, “Hold up,” and that’s when things take a wild turn. Her pink nails magically grow on command, winding their way down her legs like some sort of outlandish creature. Thankfully, they do her the favor of tying her shoes before shrinking back to their normal size. “Nailed it,” she concludes, as if things didn’t just get super weird.

Reebok speaks to the message of the video in a press release:  “It’s a creative concept that salutes Cardi’s own life experience, which saw her challenge expectations to become a self-made maven. An artist, mother, and Grammy Award winner, Cardi B is walking, talking, red-carpet-slaying proof that those who defy convention and challenge the status quo are the ones who truly define what it means to be classic.”

To recreate Cardi B‘s Reebok look, be sure to check out the Cardi B x Reebok Collection — and then make an appointment at the salon for a fresh set.

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