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Cindy Crawford Admits She’s Jealous of Daughter Kaia Gerber’s Hair: ‘Give it Back’

Cindy Crawford Wishes She Had Kaia Gerber’s Hair: ‘Give it Back’
Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber. David Fisher/Shutterstock

Turning back the clock! Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber are kinda, sort of, most definitely the ultimate mother-daughter duo. But there’s one thing that comes between them: a little bit of jealousy in the hair department. 

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The 55-year-old model, who just launched an Age-Proof Hair Care System as part of her brand Meaningful Beauty, has noticed that changes in her hair have been her biggest beauty concern lately. 

“For me it was like my hair finally caught up to my face,” Crawford told WSJ. Magazine in a Thursday, June 17, interview. “As a woman, you know you’re going to get wrinkles and your hair is going to turn gray, but no one really talks about the hair itself aging.” 

While a good hair care routine can certainly help, the actress finds herself a little green with envy when looking at Gerber’s luscious locks. “When I look at my 19-year-old daughters hair I’m like, ‘You have my old hair; give it back.’” 

That said, Crawford still has some pretty shiny strands! And, it probably has a little something to do with her low-key haircare routine. 

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“I don’t put any special product in it. I like my hair to be as clean as possible; that’s probably from years of having tons of products put into it on photo shoots,” she told the outlet. 

Instead of layering on oils, texturizing spray, serums and such, she’s become a shower-and-go girl. 

“I’ll just brush through it before bed and then pin it up with these curved plastic tortoise hairpins into a loose chignon on the top of my head,” she explained. 

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Her secret weapon though is a silk pillowcase. The Fair Game star said, “I always sleep on a silk pillowcase because I feel like it helps keep my hair from getting too frizzy at night.” 

Crawford’s hair styling routine may be low maintenance, but she takes the rest of her nighttime ritual  very seriously. Hydration is a must. 

“Chillhouse sent me their nighttime body oil, and that’s right beside my bed,” she told WSJ Magazine. “Putting it on gives my body a little hydration … If my nails and cuticles or heels are dry, then I’ll also use Lanolin Everywhere Cream on them too.” 

The final step before crawling into bed? Supplements. To help her get a good night’s rest, the supermodel pops one of her Beauty Sleep Supplements, which contain biotin and melatonin, to promote both sleep and hair health. 

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