Full House Celebrates 27th Anniversary: Reminisce on the Cast’s Funky 90’s Fashion

Full House
Here's the best of 90s fashion courtesy of the Full House cast on the TV show's 27th anniversary, Sept. 22 Bob D'Amico/ABC via Getty Images

’90s-tastic indeed! 

Where would we be without our neon scrunchies, Doc Martens boots, and coordinating tracksuits, without the Tanner family setting the fashion standard? 27 years ago today, Full House premiered on ABC, to run away with the title of primetime’s most endearing family unit. Aside from the sentimental pep talks that aired with sappy music at the end of every episode, we found ourselves most enthralled with the family’s style.

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Join Us for a stroll down memory lane. 

Funky and Fresh for the ’80s! (September 22, 1987) 

Emulating the funky fashion of the ’80s, the cast put on their dandiest coordinating ensembles for what would become the first cast photo. Joey Gladstone (played by David Coulier) was totally of the moment in a blue floral shirt paired with denim jeans and white sneakers, holding baby Michelle (played by Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen) in pink. Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) rocked a bright yellow sweat suit with fun sneakers — notice the heavy bangs.

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Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) had the ’80s dad wardrobe down: a sweater over a white shirt, jeans a little on the high-water side, and loafers with exposed white socks. Uncle Jesse (played by John Stamos) rocks his amazing dark mullet, as the adorable DJ (played by Candace Cameron Bure) stands by in a bright turquoise dress, matching top, and white sneakers. 

Getting Into the Groove (May 9, 1988)  

Full House 1988
ABC Photo Archives

Here, the suavely debonair Uncle Jesse dons a sharp shiny grey suit, anchored by black separates. Little Stephanie was way ahead of her time in a printed dress, a look that might hit the runways today. Danny exudes business casual chic in a varsity jacket, a bright pink shirt, purple tie and grey slacks. Nearby, Uncle Joey celebrates his quirkiness in a multi-colored sweater and coordinating button-up shirt. DJ is surely the envy of all her friends in a light-pink set, which Taylor Swift could totally pull off today (cropped, of course!).

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Blinded By the Coolness (August 8, 1989)

Full House 1989 sunglasses
ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

In a cast photo surely tied to a beach vacation, Uncle Joey sports a floral shirt with khaki shorts, shoes not included. Stephanie has the right look — a soft blue floral off-the-shoulder dress with white huarache sandals. Michelle was adorable in a baby blue polka dot dress. Danny gets more stylish with a grape-colored shirt and white shorts. DJ owns the shot in a crop Hawaiian two-piece set with Keds. Uncle Jesse is on his own wavelength with a baby blue muscle shirt, John-Lennon-esque sunnies, and baggy pants held up with suspenders. 

Best Dressed Family (September 12, 1989) 

Full House 1989
ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

Switching it up, the beloved TV family met up for a portrait exemplifying their perfectly tailored style! Stephanie styles her hair in a black and white scrunchie to match her checkered dress. Danny sports a brown and beige look. DJ hides behind the guys in a blue top, but her perfectly teased hair steals the show. Uncle Jesse hugs Michelle, who’s dressed in the cutest denim and pink outfit, meanwhile Joey sizzled on the side in pinstripes. 

Just the Girls! (September 14, 1993) 

Full House 1993
Bob D’Amico/ABC via Getty Images

All grown up and embracing their individual style! DJ works the hair in wavy curls, with a green and blue plaid top. Accessorizing with a white bow in her hair, an older Michelle works a set of dark blue overalls and a pink turtleneck. Stephanie nails the matchy-matchy look in a red and white striped baseball shirt with a sparkly red headband. 

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