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Kaia Gerber Applies Her Perfume in the Weirdest Way Ever 

Kaia Gerber Has the World’s Strangest Hack for Applying Perfume
Kaia Gerber. Hannah Young/Shutterstock

Excuse Us, say what? In a recent interview with British Vogue Kaia Gerber really shook up the beauty world when she shared her very strange technique for applying perfume.

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Some people choose to spray the air with fragrance and walk through it a la an Axe ad from the 2000s. Others take up a more dainty technique, spritzing their wrists and dabbing their neck. Hey, we can even get behind a rollerball application.

But the global ambassador for Marc Jacobs Fragrance shared in the March 23 interview that she enlists the help of an unlikely piece of bedroom furniture to get her body smelling fresh and floral.

“I don’t know if this is a thing that a lot of people do, but I like to spray the fragrance onto a mirror first and that way I cause my finger to control where it goes and how much I want to apply — I place it in different areas [depending on my mood],” the 19-year-old model told the outlet.

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Similar to her unique way of applying perfume, Gerber has taken a similarly untraditional approach to her hair over the past year. She’s rocked everything from caramel colored curtain bangs to bleached blonde strands.

But her favorite hair color of them all was the pink hue she did herself back in August 2020.

Exactly How Kaia Gerber Pulled Off DIY Pink Hair: Watch
Courtesy of Kaia Gerber/Instagram

“My favorite was pink, because [going pink] was a pipe dream that I always had. I knew as a brunette I could never have pink hair without bleaching it, [so when I did bleach it] that was my excuse to have pink hair for a little bit,” she tells British Vogue. “I definitely appreciate my natural hair color and texture a lot more than I did before.”

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Even though Gerber was able to make her “pipe dream” come true, bleaching darker hair can cause a decent amount of damage and dryness. To help rehab her hair, which is finally “back to — sort of — normal” the actress, who was just cast in American Horror Story, uses a shea butter conditioner.

Aside from her hair routine, Gerber also shared a glimpse into her skincare routine with the outlet.

When it comes to keeping her complexion clear, she abides by the “less is more” mentality and keeps her lineup pretty simple. The one step she’ll never skip though is washing her face  — even on makeup-free days.

Another non-negotiable for the model? “Sunscreen. I learned the hard way that that’s very important.”

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