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Euphoria’s Maude Apatow Struggled With ‘Gigantic Zits’ While Filming ‘Euphoria’: ‘They Were So Bad’ 

Euphoria’s Maude Apatow: Why Lexi Howard’s Makeup Is Getting ‘Bolder’
Maude Apatow as Lexi Howard. Eddy Chen/HBO

All about the angles. Maude Apatow revealed that the Euphoria camera men had to get creative while filming in order to keep her “gigantic zits” out of the screen. 

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“You couldn’t cover them, they were so big,” the 24-year-old actress, who plays Lexi Howard in the HBO Max series, said in a Thursday, February 17, “Beauty Secrets” interview with Vogue. “They stuck out and we tried [to hide them].” 

The actress, who is Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow’s eldest daughter, explained that she urged the director to be “careful with the lighting” as she didn’t want to “accentuate” her “bad” acne. 

Dealing with flare ups has been par for the course for the star, as she is constantly wearing layers of makeup while filming. “When I started working and wearing more makeup, my skin got a lot worse,” she said in the clip, noting that she had to come up with a solid skin care routine. 

Euphoria’s Maude Apatow: Why Lexi Howard’s Makeup Is Getting ‘Bolder’
Maude Apatow as Lexi Howard. Eddy Chen/HBO

To keep things under control, she swears by a few products, tips and tricks. Up first? Make sure you get “all your makeup off at the end of the day.” Her go-to product for getting the job done? The Obagi Toner, which helps remove any remnants of makeup after cleansing. 

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Apatow had also made a point to stop picking her skin. “I definitely learned not to pick my skin because it spreads,” she explained, pointing to a breakout along her cheek. “I never believed that when people told me that. Then I learned that if I pop zits, they travel.” 

Even though such heavy on-camera makeup can cause her skin to act up, Apatow — along with the rest of the cast — love the show’s emphasis on glam. 

“They sent us so much makeup for season two because the makeup was such a big part of season one. We called the makeup trailer Sephoria,” she joked, adding that the show’s makeup department head Donni Davy is a “master.” 

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While Apatow doesn’t go as wild and crazy with her glam as a few of the other characters (cough, cough Alexa Demi), she did hint that Lexi’s makeup is only going to get better as the show goes on. 

“My character sort of starts out shy and comes into her own as the season goes on. You see that with the makeup too. Her makeup gets a little bolder,” she said.