PIC: Kate Gosselin — Without Makeup!

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Goodbye glam!

Kate Gosselin ditched her heavy makeup to go for a jog in New York City's Central Park Thursday morning. The 35-year-old reality mom's eyebrows were still bizarrely arched. (Experts say she got a botched botox job, which she has denied; find out more.)

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By her side: trusty bodyguard Steve Neild, with whom she has denied having an affair, despite husband Jon's accusations otherwise.

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On Wednesday, Gosselin wore glossy lipstick, heels, a sparkly halter top and short shorts to take her sextuplets, 6, and twins, 9, shopping in Chinatown as Kate Plus 8 cameras rolled.

The day before, she blogged about inviting her make-up artist over to give her kids a new look.

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"The boys were sure this was an all-about-the-girls day, but Deanna surprised them hugely when she sat them up first and created mustaches, beards, goatees, furry eyebrows and sideburns on each of them!" gushed Kate. "Collin laughed so hard at his reflection in the mirror, he nearly fell off his seat! Aaden turned into an instant little man with help from his pre-existing glasses, and Joel wasn't sure how a goatee looked on him but we all agreed that his appearance changed the most! I know how he will look as a man…

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"Well, for that matter, I now know what they all will look like when they get older! Handsome boys… keep your girls AWAY from my boys!!! Then it was time for the little girls… who got eye shadow, lipstick and blush. They also had hair ornaments placed in their hair and nails painted!"

Twin Cara got stung by a bee mid-makeover, which "caused her upper lip to appear as though she had had a cosmetic procedure — which I must say she has not…." Kate blogged.

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