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Sailor Brinkley-Cook Shares How She Gets Her Beauty Sleep

Sailor Brinkley-Cook starts her nighttime skincare routine in an unexpected way — and it involves her brand new four-legged friend.

“I just got a new puppy. His name is Lionel. Every night, before we go to bed, we go for a little walk to get out most of his energy and it’s honestly become a great part of my routine,” the Sports Illustrated model, 22, explained. “I take some deep breaths to let go of the day. I set some intentions for tomorrow, and then I go inside and start my routine.”

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Once she and Lionel are settled inside of her New York home, Brinkley-Cook gets busy with her 10-product nighttime beauty routine. Watch the exclusive video above from Us Weekly’s Beauty Sleep series to see how she gets her glow on.

Sailor Brinkley-Cook Shares How She Gets Her Beauty Sleep
Sailor Brinkley-Cook. Matt Baron/Shutterstock

The supermodel admitted that her once simple nighttime routine has now become more extensive since she has been spending more time indoors during quarantine.

“I’ve never been much of a beauty aficionado. I’ve always tried to keep things pretty simple, make sure that whatever products I’m using, I can get them wherever I am in the world,” she told Us.  “But I think that, especially during quarantine, I really upped my game and made it a priority to take care of myself and make myself feel cleansed of the day, ready for the next day. Just feel my best.”

Keeping it Clean
“Hopefully you’re washing your hands throughout the day, but it’s very important to get a nice scrub on before you touch your face because so much dirt and bacteria and grime sits in our hands under our fingernails. And we don’t want that to get in our face,” she explained, while rinsing her hands with hot water and Aesop hand soap. 

She continued her cleanse with Cerave’s face wash mixed with hot water: “I really focus on my chin and my cheeks because that’s where I’m most acne-prone and where I’ve had the worst cystic acne as a teen.”

Serious About Serum
Brinkley-Cook uses not one, not two, but four serums when her skin is super dry from the New York winter. 

“Ever since I’ve added serums into their life, my skin has changed dramatically. Just like how you listen to your body and what you want to eat, you should listen to your skin and what it wants to be drenched in,” she advised. “I go between the The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid and The Ordinary Niacinamide and Zinc, which has been instrumental in cleaning up my skin.” 

Sailor Brinkley-Cook Shares How She Gets Her Beauty Sleep

But she doesn’t stop there. “iS Clinical Active Serum — I mostly use it when I’m about to get my period, when I have that hormonal acne popping up, it’s very strong,” she told Us. “It’s just incredible, it gets rid of the redness in pimples, any discoloration, inflammation in the face.” 

Her “Holy Grail” when it comes to serums though is Drunk Elephant’s Night Serum.

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Groing up with a mom like Christie Brinkley, you might think Sailor has had her beauty routine engrained since she was a child, but that wasn’t the case.

“I never really had a proper skincare routine growing up, I just went into my mom’s room and grabbed whatever she had, and made that my skincare routine,” she said, laughing. “This serum was really the first adult skincare product that I bought for myself and I’ve been using it ever since. It has just changed my skin. I used to have really bad cystic acne, and ever since I used this, it’s absolutely changed my skin, changed my confidence.”

Hydration is Key
“I live in New York and it gets very dry here. It gets very hard on the skin, my skin cracks. So moisturizer at night is very important,” Brinkley-Cook noted. “The two products that I’ve been pretty obsessed with in terms of moisturizers, especially at night, is the F-bomb Electrolyte Waterfacial Mask by Drunk Elephant and their Protein Polypeptide Cream. It feels like it quenches all of that dry tightness in your skin and just makes you feel like a luscious little baby.”

Sailor Brinkley-Cook Shares How She Gets Her Beauty Sleep

Don’t forget your lips: “Dr. Barbara Sturm, her skin skincare is amazing. I use her lip balm every single night before I go to bed.”

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Glow from the Inside Out
The models best beauty advice is simple: “I think that the best beauty tip that I’ve received and that I work into my daily practice is to be kind to myself, be kind to others. Love, spread love, eat whole foods, exercise, get outside, smile, laugh, or have a day where you’re not doing that, whatever you truly need to do. But I think that the more that we tune into ourselves and listen to what we need, we truly will glow from the inside out.”

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