Sarah Hyland Shows Off Her Surgery Scars and Proudly Wears Her Glasses in a Selfie 

2018 is certainly an interesting time to be alive — just ask Modern Family actress, Sarah Hyland, who posted a self-love selfie this past Friday, October 5. Now celebrities post half-naked bikini selfies all the time, by Hyland’s is particularly notable because she is baring her surgery scars from her chronic illness and she is wearing her glasses, both of which have been a source of controversy for her in the past.

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Nevertheless, Hyland loves her body, scars and spectacles included. In fact, she dubbed the body positive post was part of her “feeling myself Friday” movement. Of course, this is nothing new for the actress who posted a her post-op bod to her Instagram over the 4th of July with the hashtag, #ScarsonDisplay. Hyland has previously been open about her lifelong battle with kidney dysplasia and related complications and was candid with fans that she hasn’t had the best few years health-wise, so she has taken this year to take care of herself.  “I don’t mind when you say that I look pregnant. Or fat. Because I know that my face is swollen from medication that is saving my life,” she explained to her body-shamers.

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But, just like in the past with this October 5 selfie, there were haters commenting on the Modern Family star’s confidence in both her mix-and-match string bikini bod, surgery scars and chic glasses. However, not only is Hyland confident in her body and respectful of her own health, but she has a supportive partner in her boyfriend Wells Adams, who clapped back to a hater who commented on the photo, “Eat a doughnut,” with a succinct “Eat s**t.

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Back in September, Adams also chimed into a conversation criticizing Hyland’s glasses, responding to a critical comment on a shot of the couple from an Emmys pre-party that read “I don’t get the glasses at all?” with a witty, “Oh it’s so she can see.

Clearly, Hyland has found herself a supportive partner in Adams, but fear not, she loves herself (as she should) just as much as he loves her.

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