Travis Takes On Semi Permanent Facial Contouring, the Celebrity Secret to Chiseled Features

Some celebrities are born with amazing bone structure and others have to buy it! In this edition of Travis Takes On, Us Weekly Senior Reporter and self-admitted beauty addict, Travis Cronin, tries a commonly used, but not often talked about beauty trend, semi permanent facial contouring.

Kim Kardashian botox
Kim Kardashian getting botox in 2010.

Botox and other facial injectables are a known celebrity staple for maintaining a defined and wrinkle-free face. Kylie Jenner admitted to changing the size of her lips with fillers, and countless others have admitted to using Botox to smooth wrinkles and expression lines. There’s a new trend utilizing these same non-permanent injectables to gently add some more definition and lift to the face, jaw and neckline, and our intrepid Travis Cronin tried it out!

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Cronin sought the help of NYC-based oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Irene Gladstein to see about some very slight enhancements to his face through facial contouring with injectables. Gladstein tells Us, “Facial contouring is one of the most popular procedures I do now, whether it be raising the apple of the checks to give a more youthful shape or injecting Botox around the jaw and in the neck to add definition and smooth lines.” 

Cronin was interested in adding a little more volume to his cheekbones for a more of an Angelina Jolie shape. He also wanted to add some filler around the jaw area to get an Ian Somerhalder look and turn up his lips to get that Kylie pout.

Angelina Jolie Ian Somerhalder
Angelina Jolie and Ian Somerhalder. J. Merritt/; David Becker/Getty Images

Dr. Gladstein started by numbing the face before using Sculptra, an injectable poly-L-lactic acid that helps stimulate your skin’s own natural collagen production to help restore its inner structure and increase facial volume, to enhance our Senior Reporter’s bone structure. 

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“Sculptra is a great product because it works as a collagen booster so the plumping effects are more subtle and natural looking,” Gladstein said, “I started by adding a little Sculptra to the tops of his cheekbones and extending the way into his hairline, which helps to create a natural shadow, mimicking the effects of using a highlighter or another illuminating makeup product.” 

Cronin also wanted his jawline to give off Ian Somerhalder vibes, so Dr. Gladstein also placed some Sculptra in the concave parts of his jaw, added some extra volume to the back of the jaw, giving a fuller, yet sharper, look to the face.

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Dr. Gladstein then went on to reshape Cronin’s lips using Juvederm Volbella, injecting the gel with a fine needle to target the area, boosting volume and “beautifully contouring the lips,” she says. “I injected Juvederm Volbella around the corners and the outside of the lips to give the look of lip liner, creating a new lip shape and a more chiseled pout.” 

Watch the video above to see the process happen live!

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