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Skincare Expert Oli Scarlato Tells Us About Her All-in-One ReGen De Peau Platinum Cream That Helps With Maskne (Exclusive)

Oil Scarlato EcoLuxe Lounge
Tasia Wells/Getty Images for EcoLuxe Lounge

All in one! Skincare expert Oli Scarlato has been on a mission to create a one stop shop product for all things aging, scars and more — and she’s got good reason.

After suffering from burns on 50 percent of her body at age 4, Scarlato became a skincare pro when she got older and has been determined to revolutionize the industry through creating a product that could help everyone from burn victims to those wanting to reverse the aging process ever since. And that she did: meet ReGen De Peau Platinum, a.k.a. the ‘dream cream.’

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“When I was scalded, a loving nurse at St. Johns Hospital in Springfield, Missouri gently and lovingly tapped a cooling cream on my cheeks and face. That nurse changed my pain into gain with kindness through a touch that made me want to make a cream that took it to the next level,” she tells Stylish exclusively.

ReGen De Peau
Courtesy of ReGen De Peau

The skincare guru traveled the world for her modeling career and later became an ingredient research specialist where she discovered and developed revolutionary products with cutting-edge, yet simple formulas.

“I come from an era of using so many skin products, but I wanted to develop products that will create a distinctive market that is multicultural, multifunctional, natural and complete, so that there are less items to purchase and more efficacy,” Scarlato explains of her formula, which contains a blend of proprietary ingredients.

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“No more time wasted figuring out what to use for your skin issues. ReGen De Peau Platinum works quickly with four ingredient complexes including MDI Complex, UGL Complex, BMPX Complex and organic Japanese Blue Lotus flower extract,” she says.

Open Package ReGen De Peau
Courtesy of ReGen De Peau

Additional benefits: It helps those dealing with maskne and other skin issues from wearing a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to its cooling and healing factors.

“People can have some slight scarring from long hours of friction and heat on their faces due to masks. This product will give maximum hydration while protecting the face with a barrier-like effect,” Scarlato explains.

Other than saving time figuring out what to use to fulfill your skin goals, ReGen De Peau Platinum only needs to be applied for one minute twice a day without any additional moisturizers, eye creams or lip creams.

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“Apply a dime-size portion directly onto your skin, each to the forehead, cheeks, chin and neck with a firm tapping motion to expedite penetration and energy into the outer layer of your skin,” she recommends.

ReGen De Peau Platinum is available for $119.95 on their website