Review: Aaron Sorkin's Newsroom "Disappoints"

Credit: HBO

It's a good thing Aaron Sorkin is having major success in the romance department these days (thanks to his budding relationship with Kristin Davis) -- because his latest project isn't a success at all.

Even with The West Wing creator at the wheel, HBO's Next Big Drama, Newsroom, which is set at a CNN-like network, disappoints.

Can high-minded anchor Will (Jeff Daniels, admittedly terrific) and his producer ex, MacKenzie (Emily Mortimer), get past their friction to nail the story? The setup is stirring, but these two are insufferably preachy.

Meanwhile, their team's personal travails feel all too familiar, especially the rivalry to win over a guileless newbie (Alison Pill).

Eh, save it for the ticker.

Us Weekly Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars