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How Jennifer Lopez Gets Her Insane Abs at 49

Jennifer Lopez birthday
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Jennifer Lopez defies her age yet again, showing off her supersculpted body in a tiny black string bikini for a photo op that included boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. “Current birthday situation… yup,” she captioned the Tuesday, July 24 post for her 49th birthday.

Current birthday situation… yup

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Her longtime trainer David Kirsch spoke to Us Weekly exclusively to share how the World of Dance star keeps her body so superfit.

“It’s crazy,” says the celebrity trainer of her tan and buff body. “Like the most amazing bottle of wine, she gets better with time and that is just the truth. Her skin is flawless. Her body is flawless.”

To maximize his time with the Shades of Blue star, who he works with when she’s in New York City, Kirsch says “the workouts are my express workouts. There is no rest, there is no, we’ll grab a quick breath chatting in between, but that’s how we do it. Her workouts are very high energy and there is a lot of movement.”

As for her rock-hard abs, Kirsch explains that he makes core moves a major priority during their sweat sessions. “We’re doing a lot of planks, side planks and we do this medicine ball toss while holding a lunge so we’re monopolizing the room,” the fitness and wellness curator at CORE: Club in NYC reveals. “If you look at her core now it’s just so tight and her waist is so narrow, so that works the core and works on chiseling the obliques and giving an overall strong, beautiful middle. And she definitely flaunts that — as she should.”

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According to Kirsch, Lopez is more focused than ever on her fitness routine. “We’ve talked about it and I think the stars align and when you’re in a good place and you’re happy with every aspect of your life, it all sort of happens naturally,” Kirsch says. “The workouts are very focused and the eating is very focused. I think that when we’re younger, we sort of take things for granted and then we get older and we become very respectful of our bodies and what we do, how we do it and what makes us feel good.”

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Kirsch also tells Us that the actress understands the hard work that’s required to maintain such a svelte physique. “It doesn’t just happen — you need good genetics and she is very, very disciplined about what she puts in her body and she doesn’t drink — even though she is holding a bottle of champagne and I’m sure she is celebrating,” the fitness pro adds. “She’s very mindful of her body being this beautiful temple and really respecting it.”

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