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5 Mistakes New Parents of Twins Make After Bringing Their Babies Home

5 Mistakes New Parents Twins Babies Home
Twin baby brothers.Getty Images/Mint Images RF

Bringing home a newborn is one thing — but taking care of two is quite another. Twiniversity founder Natalie Diaz knows that firsthand, and she shares five common mistakes made by new parents of twins exclusively with Us Weekly.

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First things first, it’s vital to stock up on enough supplies! The last thing moms and dads want to do is run out of diapers, wipes and formula because they underestimated their infants. “You don’t need to start using baby clothes to clean up doody,” Diaz tells Us. Instead, she recommends always having 150 diapers, an unopened case of wipes and a week’s worth of formula on hand at all times.

Taking care of one newborn, let alone two, takes some serious energy, which is why the twin expert, who has helped out The View‘s Abby Huntsman with her twin prep, is all about napping. Instead of sleeping when the babies sleep, “grab a nap when visitors come over,” she says. “People aren’t coming to see you.” That way, parents can catch some z’s while their “babies are safe with people” who love them. It’s a win-win!

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When it comes to visitors, vaccines are extra important — especially since pregnant moms are “put under the microscope,” while no one checks the immunization status of “dads, nannies, nurses” and other visitors. Diaz points out that this is “overlooked,” but so important.

Don’t forget about budgeting either! “Should you really be spending every penny in your account just to make an Instagram-ready nursery?” the What to Do When You’re Having Two author asks. Even though people won’t remember what their stroller looked like or what the theme of their first bedroom was, “they will remember when their parents didn’t have the money for the college they wanted to go to.”

And just because it’s important to look after little ones doesn’t mean that it isn’t just as important to spend time with a spouse — if not more. “Your kids are watching you from day one,” Diaz says. She recommends “leading by example.” This means moms and dads should prioritize themselves first and then their partner, followed by their babies.

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This advice isn’t exclusively for twins, either. One size fits all, Diaz says, and any new parents can take these tips into consideration when their infant arrives.