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Bachelor Nation’s Jordan Kimball and Wife Christina Expecting Baby No. 1

Bachelor Nation’s Jordan Kimball and Wife Christina Expecting Baby No. 1
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Baby makes three! Jordan Kimball and Christina Kimball (née Creedon) are expecting their first child, Us Weekly can exclusively reveal.

“We’re so excited,” the Bachelorette alum told Us in a joint interview with his wife, who is 12 weeks pregnant. “We’re more in the spirit than ever.”

Us broke the news in December 2020 that Jordan proposed to Christina on Christmas Eve. The twosome exchanged vows in front of 92 guests at The Wynden in Houston, Texas, on January 15.

“I don’t think I’ve ever anticipated something so much in my life,” Jordan continued. “And with planning [and] wanting to start a family after the wedding, so much has happened in the last year and a half with the house, the wedding, now this.”

Christina revealed that she took four pregnancy tests before telling Jordan the good news.

“I started out with, like, the dollar ones, I didn’t want to go all out, just in case. But that said positive, so I went back to the store and got the one the two pack that has the line one and then the digital one that says pregnant,” she explained. “And I was like, ‘OK, this is it!’”

She subsequently surprised her husband with his favorite treat.

“I was out of town and she was telling me before [she] knew that she was gonna make me a carrot cake [when I got home] — that’s kind of my favorite little treat,” Jordan told Us. “And when I got home, she goes, ‘Oh, lemme show you this carrot cake.’ And I was kind of suspecting — it wasn’t like we had really tried a lot or anything, but that was kind of the plan that we wanna start a family. It’s almost been a year now since the wedding. So she goes, ‘Well, lemme show you this carrot cake.’ I come through the door and there is a pregnancy test next to the cake. … That was a very, very cute and exciting way to find out.”

Now, the twosome are gearing up to find out the sex of the baby, planning for a reveal in the New Year.

“I’m content with boy or girl, I can’t wait to find out,” Christina told Us.

Jordan, however, admitted he is secretly hoping for a baby boy.

“We want to continue to have kids, [but] with this being the first, I would like for the baby to be a boy, you know, older brother protector,” he said. “But if the baby’s a girl, that’s OK too, you [just want a] happy, healthy baby. I’m ready for it all.”

Scroll through for pics of Jordan and Christina’s pregnancy announcement: