Big Brother’s Kat Dunn Reveals Where She Stands With Nick Maccarone Today

Kat Dunn and Nick Maccarone on Big Brother Monty Brinton/CBS

Still going strong? Big Brother 21 star Kat Dunn opened up about where her relationship stands with Nick Maccarone on the Wednesday, December 4, episode of Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo‘s podcast “Coco Caliente.”

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“We’re really having a lot of fun,” Kat, 29, said of their blossoming relationship. “You know, just getting to know each other out in the real world, ’cause even though you do get to know each other on a deeper level in the Big Brother house, I mean you don’t have to experience things like going to the grocery store together, paying bills, stresses of finances, so we’re still, of course, getting to know each other outside of the house. I really like him a lot.”

Although the digital marketing executive noted that they aren’t exclusive she added, “If he wants to go date someone else I’m, like, have at it, but I don’t think he’s going to.”

Kat and Nick, 27, became Big Brother’s first jurymance after they sparked a connection once they were both evicted from the Big Brother house. Fans were surprised to find out that Kat and Nick were getting cozy in the jury house since the therapist was already in a showmance with fellow contestant Bella Wang. Kat’s newfound interest also raised eyebrows after she had proclaimed her dislike for the therapist numerous times.

The Texas native told Big Brother alums Franzel, 27, and Arroyo, 28, that she’s aware they have a polarizing relationship.

“There’s so many people that, of course, think it’s a little bit of a controversial relationship because of all the Bella stuff and the fact that people were like, I thought you hated him in the house,” she explained. “You know, it’s a very controversial relationship and people either ship us so hard and they want us to work or they hate us, but they’re equally as passionate about it.”

Kat revealed that not only did Nick have plans to visit her in Dallas next week, but he also accompanied her to the podcast recording and was waiting for her in the other room.

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The reality TV star opened up to Us Weekly exclusively in October about how her opinion of Nick changed from the Big Brother house to the jury house.

“If you watched the show, you know that he was not my favorite person in the house and especially during the week I got evicted, but looking back I see that I had a lot of preconceived opinions about his gameplay that I let affect my opinions on him as a person,” Kat said at the time. “The Nick I got to know in the jury house is an incredible person and friend.”

Kat continued on that the duo talked about their issues with each other — which included Nick starting an alliance with Nicole Anthony, Tommy Bracco, Cliff Hogg, Christie Murphy and Analyse Talavera to evict Kat from the game.

“He wiped my tears away when I was crying and calmed me down while I was stressed,” she said. “Our relationship in the jury house wasn’t based on cheap sexual gratification — it was an actual, genuine friendship.”

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She added that Bella, 22, had already broken up with Nick over Twitter while he was still inside the Big Brother house. However Kat told Us she “would not have disrespected Bella by kissing Nick or doing anything inappropriate on camera,”

Prior to her jurymance with Nick, Kat was in brief showmances with David Alexander and Big Brother 21 winner Jackson Michie.

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