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Emily Giffin Apologizes for Criticizing Meghan Markle: ‘My Feelings About Both Harry and Meghan Changed’

Changing her tune? Emily Giffin expressed remorse for sharing her feelings about Meghan Markle via social media on her son Archie’s birthday.

Emily Giffin Has a Lot of Opinions on the Royal Family

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“I enjoy following celebrities and analyzing them with my readers. I post dozens of IG stories a day in a very honest, unfiltered way, as if I’m confiding directly with close friends,” the author, 48, explained in a Wednesday, May 6, Instagram post. “Further, I’m very interested in the British monarchy. I always have been. See the link in my bio for an essay I wrote in the days before Meghan and [Prince] Harry wed.”

Emily Giffin and Meghan Markle. Courtesy of Emily Giffin/Instagram; Shutterstock

She added: “To be clear, I absolutely loved that a biracial, American woman was marrying into the Royal Family. It seemed a wonderful, happy thing for everyone. I celebrated their wedding by hosting a gathering here at my home and posting many, many photos. Further, I was appalled by any signs of racism against her.”

Meghan Markle Through the Years

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Giffin clarified that her opinions of Meghan, 38, and Harry, 35, shifted following their January announcement about exiting their roles as senior members of the royal family. “Over recent months my feelings about BOTH Harry and Meghan changed. But I can say from the bottom of my heart that my criticism of Meghan has never had anything to do with her race,” she wrote. “Further, I understood why she wanted to leave the monarchy and carve out her own path. I do, however, find fault with the way BOTH she and Harry handled things, and those feelings bled over in later posts, including the ones today.”

The writer insisted that her negative remarks about the former actress were not meant to be perceived as racist. “I can see how some of my posts may have felt mean-spirited, and could be construed as having racial undertones,” she concluded. “It was not my intent, but I understand that intent and impact are two very different things. And I am truly sorry for that negative impact.”

Celebrities Who Love the Royal Family

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Giffin stirred up controversy on Wednesday when she slammed Meghan for sharing a video of herself reading to Archie as he turned 1. The Maryland native called the former duchess “unmaternal” and “such a phony” on her Instagram Story. Additionally, she captioned a photo of the mother-son duo, “Happy Birthday, Archie. Go away, Megan [sic].”

The Something Borrowed author later went in on the Suits alum. “Adorable child and book. But… Holy ‘me first.’ This is the Megan [sic] show,” she commented on an account called What Meghan Wants. “Why didn’t she film and let Harry read? And why didn’t she take the moment at the end to say ‘He said daddy!’ Because that would make it about Harry for a split second. God forbid. Also, you want privacy for your child so you put out a video (by your authorized biographer) of him … wearing no pants?! Ooookay.”

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