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Henry Golding and Pregnant Wife Liv Lo Know Sex of Their Baby: ‘I Want to Be One of Those Cool Dads’

Henry Golding And Pregnant Wife Liv Lo Know Sex of Their Baby
Henry Golding and LivErik Pendzich/Shutterstock

Henry Golding is ready to take on another role: fatherhood. The Crazy Rich Asians actor announced in November 2020 that his wife, Liv Lo, is pregnant and they are expecting their first child together.

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“I want to be one of those cool dads,” Golding, 33, exclusively told Us Weekly on Wednesday, February 17. “It’s harder than it sounds. I think, I’m sure your kids go through phases of you being that greatest hero, to the most embarrassing human in their eyes. So I look forward to living out all of those. I want to be the guy sort of dressing up in weird outfits and picking them up from school and embarrassing them, like, continuously.”

He added: “But I want to be a father that’s there for them, and when times are tough and things aren’t exactly going the way that they are, especially living in this day and age, with kids having to be at home and homeschooled, and parents having to go through real struggles in their business, and perhaps their small businesses. Keeping that family together and in good spirits, I think that’s also a father’s responsibility.”

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Golding and the yoga instructor, 35, met at a New Year’s Eve party in 2011 and tied the knot in 2016. In their Instagram reveal, Lo showed off her baby bump as the couple posed together. “2021 is already looking brighter,” he wrote at the time.

The Last Christmas star and Lo have decided to keep other details about her pregnancy private, however. At least for now.

“We know the sex. We’re keeping it on the down-low. We’ve got a name sort of rattling around, which I think it’s only fair that she … my wife, she thinks that the baby should actually hear the name first,” Golding told Us. “So, we’ve been trying to hold out on telling anyone. We’ve got the baby room sorted. We’ve got about a month and a half left, I think, of sanity I hear. But you can only be as prepared as possible. I think you have to learn on the fly in some respects. It’s a marathon. So we’re going to take it easy. We’ve got some great people around us who’s going to give us some good advice.”

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As the pair await becoming a family of three, Golding has teamed up with Hennessy to usher in the Year of the Ox with a virtual Lunar New Year event on Thursday, February 18. Golding will host and be joined by musicians, culinary experts, entrepreneurs, filmmakers and artists to honor Asian heritage. It will also shed a light on and support small Asian American businesses that have been impacted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

As Hennessy’s global ambassador, Golding has previously filmed short films in his role. “The first was based in London, then Singapore and then Los Angeles. The campaign was around the saying, ‘Never stop. Never settle.’ It’s kind of a great phrase to describe when a person kind of just forever evolves, and always tries to do better and better. And that’s something that up until now, that’s what I went through with my different chapters. I started in London as a hairdresser, as a young sort of straight out of home, moving to the East End of London. We visited my first house that I ever lived in with three other guys,” he explained to Us. “Then the second film was where I was living at that point in Singapore, but literally two or three weeks later, I was due to move permanently to Los Angeles. So it was like a beautiful kind of last hurrah around Singapore itself. And then the film sort of finally ends on us settling in Los Angeles to continue the journey. And I think the ‘Never stop. Never settle’ motto has really kind of dug deep into who I am and the ethos that it stands for.”

For more details on Golding’s collaboration with Hennessy’s Lunar New Year event, go here.

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