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Jason Biggs’ Advice on How to Handle Awkward Holiday Situations: ‘It’s OK to Re-Gift’

Holiday horrors! It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but we all encounter those oh-so-awkward moments, whether it’s getting caught re-gifting, having a little too much wine at dinner or trying to pass off store-bought pie as homemade. Luckily, Jason Biggs stopped by Us Weekly to share advice on how to handle those dreaded situations in a little game we called ‘Go Biggs or Go Home.’ Watch the video above!

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Re-Gifting: Go Biggs!

Biggs, 39, doesn’t really see a problem in re-gifting since his wife, Jenny Mollen, is all about it. He told Us, “She will literally re-gift anything. I’ll get a gift and before I even open it she’s like, ‘Who should we give it to?’ and I’m like, ‘Wait, I might like this! Can you please get your paws off of my s—t?’ So, I say ‘Go Biggs’ on that. It’s OK to re-gift.”

Talking Politics at Dinner: Go Biggs!

In the past, the actor said he would advise not to talk politics at the dinner table, but due to today’s political climate, Biggs says bring on the often-controversial topic.

Jason Biggs gives Us holiday advice for awkward situations
Jason Biggs gives Us holiday advice for awkward situations.

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“He’s done an amazing thing, this president of ours, where he’s actually united my entire family,” Biggs told Us. “And there are some people in the family that don’t necessarily agree with my politics that have certainly come around.”

 Bringing Home the Dish You Made: Go Home!

As much as the American Pie actor would love to Go Biggs on this one because “I would be like, ‘You guys, I’ll eat it, what the F!,” he does say leave the dish you made behind.

Getting So Drunk You Pass Out: Go Biggs!

While the Orange Is the New Black actor initially said to Go Home on this one, he eventually changed his mind because not only is it funny, “it’s a story, I guess there kinda has to be one. So, you know what, Go Biggs!”

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Getting Caught Hooking Up in Your Parents Bedroom – Go Biggs!

“Go Biggs. Why do I find that so hot? Is that weird?” Biggs told Us.

Saying You Made a Store-Bought Pie – Go Home!

This is a big no-no in Biggs’ book since it’s something he’s experience before.

“I’ve actually called someone out. It wasn’t a pie. We did a potluck, they brought these ribs. And then I tried the ribs and they tasted exactly like these ribs that I love —  and I know he loves —  at this restaurant that we used to go to together,” Biggs explained to Us. “And I’m like, ‘Did you stop for ribs at the [restaurant]?’ And he was like, ‘No, no I made them.’ And he stood by the lie the whole time. And I was like, ‘You’re a pathological liar and our friendship might be end-ship.’”

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