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Kid Rock Slams Confederate Flag Protesters: “Kiss My Ass”

Kid Rock
Kid Rock is brushing off critics over the Confederate flag.

Trying too hard to be an American bad ass? Kid Rock had some harsh words for critics this week, brushing off protesters who were rallying against him over the Confederate flag.

The rocker, 44, was pulled into the debate over the Confederate battle flag this week. Critics of the flag emphasized Rock's history of performing in front of the controversial symbol as it was finally brought down from the South Carolina Capitol grounds.

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Members of the National Action Network, which is associated with Rev. Al Sharpton, made their message heard in front of the Detroit Historical Museum on Monday, July 6. The group protested the museum's exhibit on Kid Rock because of his use of the flag, calling on the musician to distance himself from it. 

The "All Summer Long" singer paid his critics little attention, releasing a statement to Fox News' Megyn Kelly as she read the story live on Fox News. 

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After detailing the matter, Kelly said of Kid Rock, "He has shared with us a message for those who are demanding that he denounce the Confederate flag, and this is a quote, he said… 'Please tell the people who are protesting to 'Kiss my…''" Rather than say "ass" live on-air, Kelly subbed in "…ask me some questions," explaining, "I modified that for cable TV."

Kid Rock defended the Confederate flag as recently as 2011, standing by his decision to sing in front of it at various concerts and festivals. 

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Speaking at the NAACP's annual Fight for Freedom Fund dinner in Detroit in May 2011, the star said of the Confederate battle flag, "I've never flown that flag with any hate in my heart. Not one ounce."

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