Lexy Panterra Wants Her Name Dissociated From Ex Brooklyn Beckham: He’s ‘Dated 10 Other Girls After Me’

Lexy Panterra and Brooklyn Beckham Shutterstock; James Mason Photography/Shutterstock

Lexy Panterra says it’s “not fun” that she’s often mentioned as an ex of Brooklyn Beckham’s, especially since they’ve moved on from their 2018 romance.

“Oh my God, I keep getting all these updates [regarding] Brooklyn Beckham because we used to talk,” Panterra, 30, exclusively told Us Weekly at Instagram’s Grammy luncheon in West Hollywood earlier this month. “And I’m like, just take my name out of it! He’s dated 10 other girls after me.”

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By August 2018, three months after his fling with Panterra made headlines, Beckham, 20, was “casually dating” model Alex Lee Aillon. The photographer, one of David and Victoria Beckham’s sons, then entered a relationship with girlfriend Hana Cross later that year.

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“I don’t need my name in this anymore,” Panterra explained. “I’m at the bottom [of articles]. Like, just shove me out of it. So I get these updates, right? And that’s emotional in a way. … It’s like, I get these updates and it’s like, ‘Why am I getting these?’”

Even though the continued fixation on their former relationship will often “trigger something” for Panterra to write about in her music career, she told Us it “sucks” and is “not fun.”

Luckily, the dancer and singer is about to change the conversation, releasing her new EP, A Gemini Valentine, on Friday, January 31. “I always write about my relationships, so you’ll hear a lot about that,” she said, hyping up her new music. “It’s kind of pop, dance, R&B. It’s like a mixture of each, and it’s kind of edgy. And that’s coming out with some visuals, a music video. And I really want to tour, so I’m hoping that I can hop on a tour or do my own damn tour!”

Panterra already has her dream tour partners in mind: “I wanna do like a Beba Rexha/Dua Lipa [tour],” she revealed. “I want the top, solid girls, you know what I mean? I want to get on tour with them. I think I would kill it. Me and my dancers would run the stage.”

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In her conversation with Us, Panterra credited Instagram for boosting her career and those of her female peers. “I feel like there needs to be more girl energy in the music business,” she said. “I’m happy that this is happening. This makes me happy. It’s another step just a little bit toward, like, we’re equal [with men]. We’re better! Just kidding.”

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