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‘The Killing of Marilyn Monroe’ Claims Star’s Organs and Tissue Samples ‘Disappeared’ After Her Death 

Marilyn Monroe Podcast
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Marilyn Monroe’s death scene still remains a mystery as experts believe specimens from her kidneys, stomach and intestines mysteriously disappeared, according to  episode 9 of the podcast, “The Killing of Marilyn Monroe.”

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“The coroner’s office took samples from specimens, physical specimens that were supposed to be analyzed,” author Fabulous Gabriel stated in the podcast. “They were all of a sudden missing.”

Tissue samples were taken from the organs by Dr. Thomas Noguchi, the chief medical examiner in Los Angeles at the time. Experts then explained that the samples were allegedly brought to the morgue’s chief toxicologist Raymond J. Abernathy. However, Noguchi was “shocked” to learn that Monroe’s “body parts had been disposed of because Abernathy felt that no other tests were needed,” biographer Danforth Prince said.

Forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht is still not certain that this mix-up was an accident. “I find it frankly very hard to believe, extremely hard to accept that these specimens were in some fashion accidentally, inadvertently discarded,” Wecht said during the episode.

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“What happened to them, I do not know who would have seen to it that they were no longer available,” he continued. “I do not know.”

The podcast’s experts previously claimed that the evidence at Monroe’s death scene “didn’t make sense.” A former Los Angeles police officer stated in 1962 that the Hollywood legend’s death scene appeared “staged.”

With vital forensic evidence missing, the podcast explained that the medical examiner’s office reported findings based on “whatever other tests they could run,” according to the narrator. The autopsy showed that Monroe’s “stomach was empty” and there were “no traces” of Nembutal or “any other drugs” found, Prince claimed.

Noguchi ruled that Monroe died of acute barbiturate poisoning and the manner of death was a “probable suicide.” Wecht said he still has trouble with the use of the word “probable.”

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“When you are not sure, what you are supposed to do, essentially, properly, is to list the manner of death as undetermined,” the pathologist explained. “That’s why we have a box for undetermined.”

Investigator Becky Altringer said the missing lab reports could indicate at a cover-up. “The pathologist’s reports, there was lab work, everything. Her stomach contents. Everything that had to do with Marilyn Monroe disappeared,” Altringer recalled. “Why? To me, it’s just a big cover-up.”

It was also revealed that Monroe died alone. Journalist Charles Casillo claimed the Hollywood icon’s body “lay in the morgue unclaimed because she didn’t have a family.”

Joe DiMaggio, Monroe’s second ex-husband, helped the actress even after her death. “Joe DiMaggio flew and claimed her body and made the arrangements for the funeral, and paid for her crypt. Otherwise, who knows what would have happened to her?” Casillo said.

For more details surrounding Monroe’s death, tune in to “The Killing of Marilyn Monroe” each week. The podcast can be streamed and downloaded everywhere podcasts are available.

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