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Outer Banks’ Madison Bailey Opens Up About Being Pansexual: ‘I Don’t Believe in Straight People’

Outer Banks Madison Bailey Opens Up About Her Sexuality
Madison BaileyMediaPunch/Shutterstock

Getting honest! Madison Bailey, best known for her role as Kiara in Netflix’s Outer Banks, opened up about her sexuality on Wednesday, June 17, in a “Mental Health Q&A” with Lacy Hartselle.

“I have very accepting friends, a very accepting family, an industry that’s very welcoming and very accepting,” the actress, 21, who revealed she’s pansexual on May 25 via TikTok, said during the video. “Being open and honest feels so good! To be so transparent, especially in an industry when a lot of people want to be in my personal life, it’s nice that I can be like ‘Here’s my personal life. You can have it. It’s fine.’”

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The Council of Dads star also revealed she is in a relationship with Mariah Linney. On June 11, Bailey shared a video via her TikTok of herself saying “I’m not falling” over and over again. At the end, the audio says, “OK I’m falling,” as Linney enters the frame and the pair hug. The caption reads, “Surprise.”

Outer Banks Madison Bailey and girlfriend Mariah Linney
Madison Bailey and Mariah Linney Courtesy of Madison Bailey/TikTok

That same day, Linney shared a video of herself singing the “I want it, I got it” line from Ariana Grande‘s “7 Rings,” and shows the pair hugging. “Thanks to tiktok,” she captioned the video. Linney also shared three new photos of the couple together via her Instagram on Monday, June 15.

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“I feel zero shame, and I don’t feel that way because nobody’s ever really shamed me for it and I know a lot of people have had lot of hate and lack of support. I know so many, countless stories of queer people that did not have support,” she said on Wednesday’s Instagram Live. “But if you’re asking me personally, that’s just my experience with it. It was worth it. I feel lighter, I feel happier that I can just be so open and honest. It feels nice.”

Later in the interview, she urged others to open up about their sexuality.

“If you’re gay, tell everybody that you’re gay. It’s worth it,” she said. “I was saying this the other day I was like, to be honest, I don’t believe in straight people. They’re as real as unicorns to me.”

During the chat, Bailey also revealed that she was very cautious about her weight when she was in middle school.

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” I don’t really know what was happening. All I know is I was writing down every single thing I was eating, how much calories was in everything, keeping a strict track on it,” she said. “I was eating probably, like, 200-ish calories a day for like a while. … 8th grade I kept it in a binder, I was consistent. It was very strange.”

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