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Prince William and Duchess Kate Played Virtual Bingo With Elderly Care Home Residents and Workers

Prince William Duchess Kate Played Bingo With Elderly
Prince William and Duchess Kate played bingo with elderly.The Royal Family/YouTube

Having a ball! Prince William and Duchess Kate played virtual bingo with a group of elderly residents and healthcare workers from a nursing home on Thursday, May 21.

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The couple video-chatted with the workers of Shire Hall Care Home in Cardiff, Wales, which is a nursing and residential facility for the elderly, before taking on the role as bingo callers during a game.

“How have you and the team managed to look after yourselves and your own mental health?” William, 37, asked three women who work at the facility, regarding their wellness amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Prince William Duchess Kate Played Bingo With Elderly
Prince William and Duchess Kate played bingo with elderly. The Royal Family/YouTube

“It’s very hard in all of the gear,” one lady said, as the other two laughed.

A second worker added: “But the morale in the home is lovely. It is a positive daily life at Shire Hall.”

“I’ve never known Welsh people not to have fun,” the father of three joked, before getting to the day’s main activity.

Kate, 38, kicked things off with the bingo game as the home’s residents sat at their chairs and prepared to battle it out for the winning title. William jumped in for a number before Kate took back the role as caller.

Prince William Duchess Kate Played Bingo With Elderly
Prince William and Duchess Kate took their turn as guest bingo callers for elderly residents and their care workers. The Royal Family/YouTube

After a woman named Jo won, the royals yelled, “Yay!” and chatted with her.

“How did we do at bingo, was it OK?” the Duke of Cambridge asked, to which Jo replied, “Ya, very good. It wasn’t as good as it should have been.”

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The Duchess of Cambridge then turned her attention to another individual named Margaret. “Lovely to meet you. How did you get on?” she asked, to which the woman replied that she had won one hand.

“We’ll say a big thank you and goodbye to everybody and we’ll try to do a bit better at bingo next time,” William said before signing off.

“Stay safe everybody and thank you for your time today. It’s lovely to meet all of you,” Kate added, before William chimed in, “And enjoy your cake!”

The couple’s virtual bingo hang is the latest way William and Kate have been connecting with U.K. citizens amid the quarantine. Earlier in the week, the pair took to the radio to remind the country that they are all in this together.

“We’re all connected,” William said on Monday, May 18, as a kickoff for Mental Health Awareness Week. “And sometimes just talking about how you’re feeling can make a big difference. So right now, let’s join together across the U.K. and reach out to someone.”

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Kate added: “If you’re struggling, it’s important to talk about it. Or if someone you know is acting differently, it’s OK to ask how they are. Use this moment to send a message.”

The couple joined together saying, “Because we’re all connected and you’re not alone.”

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