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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Kenya’s “Bachelorette” Party for Cynthia Doesn’t Go as Planned

Cynthia Bailey
Porsha and Duke fizzle out while things heat up at Kenya's  Mark Hill/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The Atlanta forecast this week was full of shade. With some sore spots still healing for several of the ladies, the Sunday, Nov. 29, episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta included heartbreak, catfights, and (maybe) one fistfight.

Aspiring haircare entrepreneur Kenya Moore made an unannounced house call to neighbor Sheree Whitfield. Though the pair had buried the hatchet at Kenya's launch party, Sheree seemed less than enthused over Kenya's drop-in. After a few exchanges about whose house had floors and electricity, they made a pact to move in by Christmas. Hmm, good luck with that.

Sex and the Skype

While the relationship between Kenya and Sheree was improving, another was falling apart at the seams. Sensing that the distance was taking a toll on her love life, Porsha Williams stocked up on sexy outfits to wear for Skype sessions with her boyfriend, Duke, who was away at football camp.

Unfortunately, when the time came for their "date," Duke was MIA, so Porsha called Phaedra Parks (who had helped her pick out some of the ensembles) instead.

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"I'm putting in all this effort. I don't even know if I should be doing this," Porsha explained to Phaedra, who was quick to agree.

"If he is not building you up, honey, he's like a dead weight around your neck," Phaedra replied. "Everything runs its course." Though it clearly wasn't what Porsha wanted to hear, she appreciated Phaedra's willingness to give it to her straight.

"There was a time in my life that you could not tell me that I was not going to be married with children. Honestly, finding out that Lauren is pregnant, she's going to be having a baby, it makes me think about how I need to be in a relationship leading towards something like that, and with Duke, I just don't see it any more," Porsha sighed to camera. If only she'd thought of that before she'd thrown him that insane party to introduce him to all of her friends…

Love and Marriage and Babies

Meanwhile, pregnant Kandi Burruss caught up with Cynthia Bailey for a serious conversation. Kandi revealed that she and husband Todd Tucker were considering opening a family restaurant, prompting a look of sheer terror on Cynthia's face — probably because she and Peter Thomas had tried similar ventures that had each taken their toll.

After casually warning Kandi that operating a business like that was "very, very hard," Cynthia confessed that she still had plenty of doubts about whether her marriage would survive.

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"It's just too hard," the Bailey Agency owner admitted. "I'm going to bed every night by myself. His little side of the bed doesn't ever have to be made up. I'm not going to be 50 sitting in a marriage and I'm not happy." Kandi gently urged her to give it the old college try before throwing in the towel, prompting Cynthia to admit that things were, at least for the moment, a bit better. "Right now, we're speaking again," she said with just the faintest hint of hope.

Kim Fields Is Tired of Looking at "Boobage"

Kim Fields dropped by Phaedra's so their kids could have a playdate, which gave the two moms a chance to bond one-on-one for the first time. Kim kicked things off by announcing to Phaedra that she didn't have many (or any) friends who were women, prompting the lawyer to insist that change immediately.

The women bonded about what Kim called too much "boobage" on display at Kenya's haircare launch party, and Phaedra urged the former TV star to find her own identity again, separate from her family. When Phaedra asked Kim what got her excited to get up in the morning — Kim said the carpool. Even she knew that was bad. "I've lost myself and I didn't know it until you just said that," Kim said through tears.

Weirdest. Bachelorette. Party. Ever.

Fortunately, Kim didn't have to wait long for a chance to start finding herself because Kenya decided to throw a bachelorette party for Cynthia on a boat. It was a little unclear exactly how this party qualified as a bachelorette bash since Cynthia was still married (albeit unhappily), and didn't seem anywhere near doing anything like renewing her vows or marrying someone else — but no one seemed bothered by that technicality, so a bachelorette party it was.

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In attendance were Kenya, Cynthia, Kim, Kandi, Porsha, Posha's friend Shamea (who had mocked Kenya for filling haircare bottles with water during the launch event), Sheree, and Cynthia's friend Tammy, who happened to be self-described "best friends" with Sheree's ex-husband, Bob Whitfield. What could go wrong?

The afternoon actually got off to a good start with a gang of shirtless male bartenders, but the breezy vibe didn't last long. Kenya took Porsha to task for bringing Shamea without asking, and then got into it directly with Shamea, threatening to boot her off the boat.

"I'm going to have the captain escort you off my boat. This is my party," Kenya cooed to Shamea. (Wait, wasn't it Cynthia's party?) Kenya then told her rival, "If you want to take the shortcut, you can jump."

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That was just the tip of the iceberg, however. After describing her own husband as "Nazi white" (which didn't go over too well with the gals), Tammy began badgering Kandi about working with her son, who is apparently a rapper of some sort and is repped by Sheree's ex-husband. Kandi did her best to wander away without saying no directly, but it was a no.

Not All Bitches Are Created Equal

All of this paled in comparison, though, to the brawl between Porsha and Cynthia. During a (mildly) heated exchange, Porsha quipped, "Whatever, Bitch," to Cynthia — who completely snapped.

Porsha insisted she was using the word as a term of endearment, arguing that they'd all been saying it all day, but Cynthia felt it was a sign of disrespect. Based on intonation, "bitch" can be a term of endearment or a dig, Cynthia explained, and she was convinced this one was a dig.

Porsha tried to make things right with Cynthia without actually apologizing (because she didn't feel she'd done anything wrong), but that didn't go over too well. It's unclear exactly what happened after that, but based on next week's preview, it ended with a kicking Porsha pinned to the ground by the production crew.

Tell Us: Should Porsha have apologized to Cynthia?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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