Sharon Osbourne Admits She Once Fired an Assistant After Sending Him Into Her Burning House

Sharon Osbourne admitted that she once fired an assistant after he didn’t think her request for him to go into a burning house was funny.

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While appearing on BBC’s Would I Lie to You gameshow on Thursday, December 26, Osbourne, 67, revealed that there was once a fire at her and husband Ozzy Osbourne’s home. During the incident, which started in the living room, she told Ozzy’s assistant to help out and run into the house and after he did, she fired him.

The fire broke out after Sharon and Ozzy, 71, lit a candle during Christmas. They “turned the lights out and watched a Christmas movie and then we went up to bed,” she began her story on the BBC show, noting that the fire alarm started ringing.

Sharon Osbourne Fired Assistant Burning House
Sharon Osbourne BBC

“[So] I sent [Ozzy] down. He went down and suddenly I hear my name being called. So, I went downstairs and there he was in the living room and his arm was on fire,” The Talk cohost said. “Half his hair was all on fire.”

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The British star admitted that she began to laugh and then jumped into action to put out the fire that was burning her husband of more than three decades.

“So I picked up the magazine and I’m hitting Ozzy with it. Then the magazine caught on fire,” she explained. “Then outside, there was a fountain. So, I pushed Ozzy out and the arm and his hair stopped [burning]. Then I think, right, ‘Where is that assistant?’”

Once The Osbournes alum found the assistant, who was sleeping at the time, she told him to help out.

“Go in, get the paintings out. And there were dogs so I said, you must go in and find the dogs,” Sharon said at the time, and luckily he did save the pups.

“The fire engines came, and they had this oxygen for the assistant,” she recalled. “So then, I said to him, ‘How very dare you, you work here, and you [need to] get more paintings out now.’ [Then] I took the mask [off him] and I put it on my dog.”

Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne Pride of Britain Awards
Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne attend the Pride of Britain Awards at Grosvenor House on October 30, 2017 in London, England. David Fisher/Shutterstock

The former assistant’s lack of hustle wasn’t the reason he was eventually fired, however. The former U.K.’s The X Factor judge revealed that it was because he didn’t have a sense of humor about the whole event.

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“After this terrible night [the assistant] was not talking to me, and Ozzy and I were recounting everything, and we were laughing and laughing,” she continued. “Then the assistant, he goes, ‘I don’t see what’s funny about any of this.’ And he said, ‘I think I’m going to have damaged lungs,’ and I mean, please. So then, [I was like], ‘If you don’t think that’s funny, do you think this is funny? And he goes, ‘What?’ I said, ‘You’re fired.’”

In the end, the fellow contestants had to guess whether or not her story was true and when Sharon came clean she revealed that yes, “it’s true.”

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