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16 Best Shaving Creams for Men in 2023


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For many men, shaving can be a nightmare.

From the burn of an uneven razor to the irritation caused by harsh chemicals, this daily ritual can be unpleasant, to say the least. However, with the right tools and products in your arsenal, you don’t have to live this way. A high-quality cream can turn around your shaving game for good.

The right product will give you a rich, creamy lather that will help to soften and lubricate the skin, allowing your blade to glide over it like butter. This not only results in a closer and more comfortable shave, but also helps to reduce the risk of nicks, cuts and bumps. A solid shaving cream will also create a protective barrier, helping to safeguard against razor burn and ingrown hairs.

But a top-tier cream isn’t just about function; it’s also about form. A shaving cream that you can count on should have a pleasant masculine scent that will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated every time you slather it on. And it should be made with all-natural ingredients that are kind to both the planet and your body, working together to hydrate, moisturize and leave your face feeling smoother than ever before. (In other words, none of that cheap stuff.)

A shaving cream this perfect may sound like a fantasy, but with some searching, it is possible to find. You just have to be willing to try brands and products you may never have heard of, and not be afraid to splurge a little. After all, a lackluster shaving cream can end up costing you more in the long run. Without premium, well-crafted ingredients, regular creams can dry out your skin, lead to blotchiness and redness, and fail to give you the proper defense you need.

Why settle for ordinary when you deserve better?

Luckily, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. We’ve scoured the market, and have curated our favorite creams in this article.

So keep reading and follow along as we present the best shaving creams for men.

1. Blu Atlas Shave Cream

Blu Atlas

When it comes to removing facial hair and scruff, it’s not just about getting a skin-tight shave, it’s about the entire experience. And with this incredible cream from Blu Atlas, that experience is taken to a whole new level.

We’ve decided to give this shaving cream the first place on our list, and for good reason. From the moment you lather up with this luxurious concoction, you’ll feel the difference. The soothing formula is infused with oat bran extract, which is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that work together to reduce irritation and prevent painful nicks and cuts.

Vitamin E fights damage caused by free radicals and promotes cell repair, leaving your face feeling youthful and elastic. Aloe, one of Mother Nature’s finest moisturizers, ensures your skin will be soft to the touch.

One of the many things that sets Blu Atlas apart from other shaving creams is the absence of artificial fragrances. Instead, it relies on premium ingredients from the earth to provide a pleasant, subtle scent that won’t overpower or irritate your senses. Free of preservatives, parabens, synthetic dyes and phthalates, the blend will ensure your skin stays fresh and healthy.

And for those who are mindful of the impact their purchase will have on the rest of the world, Blu Atlas is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, so you can feel guiltless every time you pop the cap.

Lightweight and silky smooth, this shaving cream is magic in an orange tin. Not only do you feel pampered from the first handful to the last, but what’s found inside is sourced from natural origins like plants, fruits and minerals.

You can’t go wrong with this NYC-made cream from one of the finest companies in men’s skincare.

What are you waiting for? You might as well start making room on your bathroom countertop already.

2. Fur Shave Cream


This shaving cream from Fur is bliss in a bottle. From the moment you put a dollop in your hands and apply it to your face, you’ll be enveloped in its rich whipped texture, which is like nothing else on the market. The cream is light as a cloud and is formulated with a unique blend of moisturizing ingredients.

Olive oil, aloe and marshmallow root extract work in unison to leave your skin feeling hydrated and protected, even after the closest of shaves.

With this cream, using your razor becomes almost effortless, and you’re left with a smooth and even finish. No more tugging and pulling, no more irritation or razor burn, just a close and comfortable shave, every single time.

Another thing that makes this selection stand out is its suitability for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It is free of phthalates, parabens, silicones and artificial colors or fragrances, and is also gluten-free and vegan.

It’s also worth noting that it supports universal application, so you can use this cream on any part of your body (yes, even down there) and still enjoy the many benefits it has to offer.

This cream has an abundance of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, which is great for people who tend to break out easily. The featherweight formula is designed to shield your neck and cheeks from razor burn, redness, and irritation, leaving you with a healthy, radiant glow.

The satin finish of this cream from Fur is something you have to experience to believe. It’s not greasy or sticky, and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. You’ll be able to run your fingers over your freshly shaven skin without encountering any residue, and you’ll be left with a subtle sheen.

3. Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave

Jack Black

If you’re a man with thick facial hair, you know the importance of finding the right cream when it’s time to say goodbye to your scruff. A cream that will not only give you a close and smooth shave, but also keep your skin from feeling like it’s been rubbed raw with sandpaper.

Luckily, for gentlemen with full, beautiful beards, Jack Black fits the bill.

The translucent formula is like nothing else you’ll find on our list – or on store shelves, for that matter. It glides on effortlessly, providing a conditioning shave that is truly unparalleled.

Among the countless shave creams on the market, you can easily become stuck with one that leaves your skin feeling dry and irritated. But with Jack Black Beard Lube, your face and neck become ultra-hydrated without fail.

The unique blend of jojoba, eucalyptus, macadamia nut oil and peppermint sets this shave cream apart. The refreshing scent works its way up your nostrils and gives you an unflinching burst of energy. The natural oils in the formula work to lock in moisture, leaving the skin underneath your whiskers vigorous and glistening.

This product is one that belongs in the arsenal of bearded men everywhere.

4. Oars + Alps Soothing Shave Cream

Oars + Alps

If you’re tired of the same old routine, Oars + Alps offers something different. This revolutionary refreshing formula is unlike anything you’ve ever put on your face.

Infused with coconut and olive oils, it’s a soothing balm for your skin. It calms irritation and leaves you feeling hydrated and replenished. The low-lather consistency covers your face with ease, providing a close shave without friction. Simply put, every stroke of your razor is a breeze.

The fresh ocean splash scent is next-level invigorating, like a mini vacation for your senses. Plus, like all of the products from this brand, it’s alcohol-free, which is a blessing for anyone with sensitive skin.

The plant-based ingredients, which include softening components like aloe, work together to maintain your skin’s elasticity. After just a few uses, you’ll be wondering if you’ve stumbled across the fountain of youth.

The cream’s ability to provide a smooth, irritation-free shave is worth the price alone. Every time you use this product, you’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.

This isn’t your ordinary shaving cream; rather, it’s an enticing experience that you’ll enjoy partaking in every morning.

So take a dip into the waters of this pre-shave remedy, and treat your skin to the best.

5. Marlowe Shave Cream for Men


With this noteworthy offering, Marlowe goes above and beyond what you might come across in the shaving aisle of your local drugstore.

This lush cream is specially formulated with willow bark extract, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to reduce redness and irritation. The addition of moisturizing aloe ensures that your skin is hydrated throughout the shaving process.

And if you’re still worried about drying out, don’t be: The rich shea butter soothes and pampers for an incredibly satisfying experience.

The scent of this cream is truly one of a kind. The combination of citrus and woodsy aromas creates a masculine fragrance that will leave you feeling more confident than ever. Marlowe’s cream is paraben- and phthalate-free, making it a safe and healthy choice for all skin types.

This is a must-have for any man looking to take his grooming routine to new heights. Whether you’re a daily shaver or just trim your stubble occasionally, this product will provide you with a smooth and comfortable shave, every time.

6. Caswell-Massey Newport Shave Cream


Caswell-Massey Newport Shave Cream is a cut above the rest.

The moment you open the container, you are greeted with the refreshing scent of the sea, stimulating the senses and setting the tone for a perfect shave. The whipped texture is substantial and super-creamy, the perfect consistency for creating a delightful lather. It’s carefully crafted to lift and separate the hair follicles, making it easy for your razor blade to slide effortlessly over your skin.

You’ll be left with a clean, close shave. No nicks. No scrapes. No bumps. Just smooth skin.

One of the best features of this cream is that it is hydrating and non-foaming, making it perfect for men who have problems with sensitivity. It doesn’t dry out your face like traditional shaving creams, which means you won’t have to worry about redness, irritation or razor burn. And since a single container is good for over a hundred shaves, you won’t have to worry about running out for a while.

But it’s not just the quality of the shave that makes this cream from Caswell-Massey stand out. It’s also the fact that it is plant-based, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free and phthalate-free. It contains no artificial colors and is manufactured with the highest standards of environmental responsibility.

The sleek container makes it a great gift for any man, whether he is a seasoned shaver or just starting out. It’s a thoughtful and unique present that will elevate his grooming routine and make him feel special.

With its refreshing scent, extraordinary lather and hydrating formula, this cream will make your morning routine something to look forward to.

7. Harry’s Shave Gel


This product from Harry’s is technically more of a gel, but it’s so good that it just had to make our list.

The gel inside the bottle ultimately lathers into a rich foam that, once applied, sets the stage for a shave so close your skin won’t know what hit it. The soothing aloe and cucumber gently cushion your skin throughout the entire process, preventing irritation and razor burn.

Not only does Harry’s Shave Gel get the job done right the first time, but it’s also incredibly gentle. The sulfate-free formula is perfect for those prone to reactions, and unlike some other shave gels, it won’t leave a sticky residue on your skin.

A little goes a long way, making it great session after session. Shaving can often be a tedious chore, but with Harry’s by your side, it’s transformed into a truly pleasurable experience.

The crisp, refreshing scent and hydrating results are simply too good to ignore.

8. Cremo Cooling Shave Cream


One of the most affordable options on our list, this barbershop-style shaving cream knows how to kick it old-school.

It’s packed with a refreshing blend of peppermint, menthol and tea tree, providing a cool and invigorating sensation that will leave you feeling frosty – in the best way possible. The formula is slick and slathers on effortlessly, making the shaving process frustration-free.

One of the standout features of this cream is its ability to fight irritation and razor burn. This is thanks to a host of soothing ingredients such as macadamia seed oil, aloe, papaya and olive leaf extract.

These elements join forces to nourish and protect the skin, leaving your face feeling polished and smooth.

The cream is also more concentrated than traditional foams, which are typically pumped full of air. This means that a dollop goes a long way. The extra-thick texture gives you an impossibly close shave every time, without the need for multiple passes over the same area.

The scent of this shaving cream is clean and crisp, leaving a refreshing aroma on the skin that lingers all day. This is a far cry from the overwhelming and artificial scents of other products at a similar price point.

There is a 90-day supply in each bottle of Cremo, making this a great value.

9. Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Shaving Cream

Malin + Goetz

A favorite brand of boutique hotels far and wide, Malin + Goetz brings the spa-like quality of their shaving cream straight to your home.

The secret to its success lies in the unique formula, which combines powerhouse ingredients like vitamin E and amino acids to create a lightweight, non-foaming treatment that is suitable for all skin types.

Vitamin E – the star of the show – is a natural antioxidant that helps to protect your skin from free-radical damage. The amino acids also play an important role, as they help to soften your facial hair and make it easier to cut. This means that you’ll experience less irritation and razor burn, even if you are uber-sensitive.

This shaving cream doesn’t touch what makes your skin so great to begin with, which is why it earns a spot on our list of the best shaving creams for men. The formulation doesn’t strip you of your natural oils, something that many other shaving creams tend to do.

Instead, it helps to soothe and moisturize, thanks to chamomile extract and menthol. They work in sync to gently stimulate the surface of the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and revitalized.

So don’t waste another minute. Harness the power of European skincare with this world-class offering from Malin + Goetz.

10. MVRCK by MITCH Shave Cream

MVRCK by Mitch

It’s no surprise that Paul Mitchell – a brand that has made a name for itself in the realm of haircare – knows a thing or two about how to deal with the hair on your face. This product, which stems from its product line MVRCK by MITCH, easily secures a spot on our list of the best shaving creams for men.

From the moment you dispense some into your hands, you will be struck by the bold, clean scent, which instantly wakes up your senses and prepares you for a pampering, refreshing shave. But it’s not just the scent that sets this cream apart. The formula is specially designed to hydrate and soothe your skin, leaving it feeling marshmallow-smooth.

With the protective barrier it provides, this shaving cream can help eliminate the dreaded razor burns you might be used to. If you have sensitive skin and have churned through many products in the past, you’d be smart to give this one a try.

It softens and moisturizes, and doesn’t leave you red and irritated. Instead, it’s almost like a two-in-one product, giving you the perfect shave while improving your skin.

If you’ve been looking for a top-shelf shaving cream that does what others can’t, you may have just found what you’re looking for with MVRCK by MITCH.

11. Bevel Shave Cream


When it comes to shaving, this cream from Bevel is in a league of its own. This product is specifically formulated to give you the smoothest, closest shave possible while nourishing and protecting.

It is packed with all the right ingredients to leave your skin feeling amazing. The aloe vera and shea butter work together to provide deep moisturization, making your face consistently soft and supple.

The vitamin E here is a powerful antioxidant that helps to balance your skin tone and promote a healthy, youthful appearance. And the unique blend of all-natural ingredients locks in hydration, so you don’t have to worry about reapplying frequently.

The Bevel Shave Cream is not just good for your skin, it’s also good for other species. It is cruelty-free and does not contain any harmful chemicals, parabens or artificial fragrances. This dermatologist-tested shaving cream is made with the highest-quality natural ingredients, which are gentle on the skin.

The cream provides a rich lather that helps to lift your hair follicles, making it easier to slice through with your razor. It also helps to reduce friction, so you can get a closer, smoother shave with less irritation. And the pleasant scent is just the cherry on top of an already amazing product.

This is a must-have for any man who wants to take his grooming game to the next level. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice, this cream has the potential to give you the best shave of your life.

12. The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shave Cream

The Art of Shaving

Anyone who’s visited a mall is likely familiar with The Art of Shaving stores, but with this sandalwood shaving cream, you can have that same indulgent experience in your own home.

The moment you place it on your skin, you’ll feel like royalty. The rich, foamy lather is not only a treat for your senses, it also softens your beard for a close and comfortable shave. You’ll be amazed by how effortlessly your razor glides over your skin, leaving you with a smooth and irritation-free finish.

This cream is clinically tested for sensitive skin and is specially formulated to protect against razor burn. It hydrates and nourishes dry skin, leaving you with a healthy and refreshed complexion after everything’s been washed down the drain.

And let’s not forget about the warm, masculine sandalwood aroma that is sure to leave you feeling like a million bucks. If your face is the canvas, this cream is all you need to create your masterpiece.

13. Proraso Shaving Cream for Men


Mamma mia! This shaving cream from Proraso hits all the marks, and then some.

Made in Italy, it is crafted with premium ingredients that are designed to give you a satisfying shaving experience day after day. The creamy soap base is specially formulated to provide a protective barrier for your skin, helping to prevent nicks and cuts. And the addition of menthol and eucalyptus gives you a refreshing burst of coolness, leaving your face and neck feeling purified and toned.

One of the best things about Proraso shaving cream is that it’s so easy to use. The compact nature of the foam makes it simple to apply and lather, and it’s suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

It provides a close, smooth shave that leaves your skin feeling fresh as can be. With no parabens or silicones, this is a professional, high-quality product that you and your beard can trust.

It’s designed to work in perfect harmony with your skin, and take your regimen up a few notches. Using Proraso as part of your morning routine can make all the difference in the world.

14. Pacific Shaving Co. Natural Shaving Cream

Pacific Shaving Co.

Dive into the wonders of this all-natural cream from the Pacific Shaving Co.

If you’re on the hunt for a shaving cream that will not only leave you with a smooth, irritation-free shave, but also has a conscience, look no further. This unique cream is packed with plant-derived ingredients, specifically aloe and shea butter, which team up to provide the ultimate shaving experience.

One of the best things about this product is that it’s free of synthetic fragrances and parabens, and is never tested on animals. It’s a vegan formula that includes certified organic ingredients, making it a friend to the environment.

The cream’s lather is rich and substantial, making it simple to apply and cover every square inch of facial hair. The natural ingredients make it superb for skin that gets easily upset, and it will leave behind a path of moisture and hydration. It’s suitable for everyday use, whether you’re running late for work or trying to get ready for a night out.

This cream proves that you can have a great shave without compromising the health of your skin or the environment. It really is a win-win. So ditch your old products and give Pacific Shaving Co. a go.

15. Weleda Shaving Cream


This rich blend from Weleda is carefully formulated for those with sensitive skin. Crafted from a creamy blend of goat’s milk and almond milk, it caresses your skin from the very first lather.

Weleda’s pre-shave treatment paves the way for a gentle, thorough shave that cuts close without ever breaking the skin. A pea-sized amount is enough to cover your entire chin, face and neck, providing you with a seamless experience.

This shaving cream is free of synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives, which is a refreshing change from the artificial scents found in some of the competition.

The clean, neutral scent is the icing on the cake, giving you exactly what you need without being overpowering.

The unique composition of ingredients in Weleda’s shaving cream ensures it stands out from the rest. The combination of all-natural ingredients, which are known for their skin-soothing properties, makes this shaving cream a must-have for anyone prone to redness and irritation.

Weleda’s shaving cream is the perfect option for anyone who hasn’t quite found what they’re looking for in a shaving cream. Whether you’re in a rush or taking your time, this cream will provide you with an all-encompassing shave that delivers on its promise.

16. Anthony Shave Gel


This non-detergent, non-foaming gel is ideal for any man who wants a close and comfortable shave.

One of the unique features of this shave gel from the brand Anthony is its transparent mint green color. This makes it easy to sculpt those tricky sideburns and beard lines without any guesswork.

It’s packed with natural ingredients that work to protect and nourish your skin cells. Eucalyptus and rosemary extract act as natural antiseptics, killing bacteria and preventing acne breakouts. Aloe beads provide a protective barrier, and carrageenan extract soothes and heals any irritation.

And it’s not just for facial hair, either. This gel is perfect for achieving a smooth and shiny bald head. It’s gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, yet powerful enough to leave you with a polished finish that would put any bowling ball to shame.

One of the best things about Anthony Shave Gel is that it’s free of harmful chemicals like parabens and phthalates. You can feel good about putting it in contact with your skin, knowing that you’re not exposing yourself to any unnecessary toxins.

This is an essential product for any man looking for a high-quality, effective shaving gel that not only gives you the comfortable shave you crave, but helps you kiss dry, irritated skin goodbye.


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