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American Horror Story: Roanoke’s Five Biggest WTF Moments: Lady Gaga’s Antlers, Disemboweling, More!

Hmm, so that’s what a pancreas looks like! There were no titillating glimpses behind the scenes of the show-within-a-show on American Horror Story: Roanoke‘s Wednesday, October 5, installment — but viewers got one prolonged sneak peek at a minor character’s innards to make up for it!

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The latest installment of the FX series concluded with a shot of straight-up torture porn, capping off an episode full of moments that were creepy, campy or just downright gross. Below, we’ve rounded up the top five craziest scenes from AHS this week.

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This little piggy stayed home

It wouldn’t be American Horror Story: Roanoke without a hefty dose of creepy pig imagery — hence WTF Moment No. 1, in which Shelby (Sarah Paulson) went to take a refreshing shower, but found the ubiquitous Mr. Pig Head already in there. Not only did the terrifying pork specter chase her with a knife, but he probably used up all the hot water and left a big grimy ring in the tub, too. Jerk.

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Lady Gaga’s forest couture

After her seriously glam turn on last season’s Hotel, we’d just kind of assumed that designer duds and impeccable makeup were written into Lady Gaga‘s AHS contract. But this week, we got the first full-on look at her costume, and … uh, nope. Not that there isn’t still time for Gaga to clean it up and put on a bodycon dress, but for the time being, she’s skipping around set in a deer-antler fascinator, matted red wig and seriously grimy set of dentures.

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Hi, Elias! Bye, Elias.

After being spotted briefly on video in an earlier episode, Elias (Denis O’Hare) appeared in the flesh this week — just in time to save poor Shelby from being murdered by Piggy Man. But less than half an hour after his big debut, Elias was dunzo, impaled by a half dozen ghostly arrows shot by one of the roughly 10,000 ghosts currently haunting the Roanoke house.

The Uber tease

In the ongoing show-within-a-show reenactment based on the “true story” of My Roanoke Nightmare, psychic medium Cricket Marlowe (Leslie Jordan) caught an Uber back to his hotel — and scored the best line of the episode.

“Tell me, young man,” he said, addressing his Uber driver. “Have you ever heard the term, ‘gay for pay’?”

Truth be told, this is far from out of the ordinary for a Ryan Murphy property; the weird part is that contrary to the usual flow of events on AHS, this question was not followed up by an out-and-out orgy featuring Cricket, the Uber driver and Piggy Man.

Inside out!

Despite doing important work to move the story along (among other things, this week’s episode explained the origins of the vast hierarchy of ghosts haunting the Roanoke house), chapter 4 of AHS: Roanoke was short on truly ghastly horror … up until this moment, which the showrunners saw fit to save for last. After being interrupted mid-pickup line by the appearance of the missing Flora (Saniyya Sidney) in front of his car, Cricket vanished — only to reappear hours later surrounded by a pitchfork-wielding mob of colonial ghosts who promptly put his insides on the outside. Dramatic reenactment or not, the graphic disemboweling was one of the grossest things ever to grace the American Horror Story screen … at least until next week.

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American Horror Story: Roanoke airs on FX Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET. 

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