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Big Brother’s Swaggy C, Bayleigh Dayton Plan to Move in Together

Big Brother’s Swaggy C and Bayleigh Dayton will soon be roommates once more. The couple — who began a showmance on the CBS show — also plan to live under the same roof in real-life.

“It’s crazy but we talked about moving in with each other after the show ends,” the day trader exclusively tells Us Weekly. “When you confide in someone and can put 100 percent trust in them it grows fast. You see them at their worst, you sleep with them every night, you see them at their best.”

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Swaggy and Bayleigh
Swaggy and Bayleigh Sonja Flemming/CBS (2)

Swaggy C (real name: Chris Williams) says that the pair had a four-hour conversation about their future the night before he was evicted. His backdoor was orchestrated by Head of Household Kaitlyn Herman and he lost to Winston Hines by a 8-4 vote.

It didn’t take long for Swaggy C, 23, and Bayleigh, 25, to align. In fact, the Bridgeport, Connecticut, native says they’ve used the “boyfriend and girlfriend” labels since day 10 in the house.

Swaggy and Bayleigh
Swaggy and Bayleigh CBS

“It’s her personality,” he tells Us on what he loves most about the Atlanta-based flight attendant. “How much she actually cares for me, aside from the game, in terms of me bettering myself. She’s genuinely concerned about that and not so much her physical attraction, so that’s the main thing that attracted me to her.”

It’s way too early to discuss marriage, though. He adds: “That is obviously way far down the road.”

For more, read the rest of his Q&A below:


Us Weekly: What was going on in your head when Tyler Crispen used the Power of Veto on Scottie Salton?

Swaggy C: I’m looking at Fessy [Shafaat] and I see him pissed off and I’m looking across from me and I see Rockstar’s [Lantry] head’s down. Looking to my right and I see Kaitlyn is crying. I knew it was going to be me for some reason. I knew it before she ever said my name.

Us: Do you wish you had said something to Kaitlyn during the ceremony?

SC: No because I knew she could have broke the tie and I felt like if I flipped out on her then at the end of the day she probably wouldn’t have broke in my favor. So that’s why you saw me playing to her emotional side and her heart. If I knew the votes were going to be 8-4 and lopsided like that, I would have flipped out on every single person in that house before I left.

Us: Do you think she has too much blood on her hands now after nominating you?

SC: It’s going to backfire on her … I always said that I was going after Brett [Robinson], Winston, Angela [Rummans], and Rachel [Swindler] if I won HOH. They could have waited until I did that and then got me out but they did it too early. Now my side doesn’t like them as opposed to playing both sides and me keeping them safe and then letting me take the heat and be the threat and they could fly under the radar. But now their game is shown.

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Us: How many personalized shirts did you bring into the house?

SC: I only brought seven in the house — or eight — and I left four in the house. Threw three in the crowd. I only got one on right now. I have a lot more at home but those are the one’s I brought to the show.

Us: When did you start making them?

SC: Literally a month ago I made them because I wanted this summer for me to only wear stuff that has my name on it. And then I did that and I got the call that said I was on Big Brother so I was like, you know what, let me just bring the shirts since I’m on the show. I didn’t make the shirts for the show. People think I made it for the show to sell it. No, I literally made it for myself.


Host Julie Chen interviews Chris Williams
Host Julie Chen interviews Chris Williams Monty Brinton/CBS

Us: Did you know far in advance you were going to throw the shirts into the crowd before speaking with Julie Chen?

SC: I actually thought of it days before. I was like, alright if I ever get evicted I’ll just throw them out in the crowd. But my speech — I didn’t think of that until an hour beforehand. … I was literally thinking about it for maybe 5-10 minutes and then ran off with it.

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Us: Do you usually give yourself pep talks the way you did on the show?

SC: Not pep talks but I do talk to myself from time to time, when I analyze things. Instead of thinking in my mind I kind of say it out loud.

Us: Where does your confidence come from?

SC: I always say that whether people love me or hate me, at the end of the day when they see me, their face makes a reaction. Whether it’s a good reaction or a bad reaction I’m not going to walk into a room and you’re just going to ignore me. I thrive off of that, which is why literally my high school yearbook quote was, “Whether you hate me or love me you’ll always remember me.” I live by that every day.

Us: What are three words to describe your BB experience?

SC: Greatest summer ever. Even though it was only 23 days it’s still great to be in that house.

Season 20 of Big Brother airs on CBS on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET and Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.