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Charli D’Amelio Calls Herself Sister Dixie’s ‘Human Punching Bag’ Amid Ongoing Tension

Tensions ran high between Charli and Dixie D’Amelio in the first two episodes of season 3 of The D’Amelio Show, which were released via Hulu on Wednesday, September 20.Charli, 19, referred to herself as her sister Dixie’s “human punching bag” during the second episode of season 3.

“She doesn’t really see how she could even be the problem,” Charli told her mom, Heidi D’Amelio, amid an ongoing fight with Dixie, 21. “You see a mild version of it. The cameras see a mild version of it. No one actually sees how it is all the time.”

Reflecting on their fight, Dixie told Us Weekly exclusively that “it feels so dumb looking back at it.”

“We could have solved a lot of this with a 15 minute conversation, which we eventually did,” she added. “Just kind of made both of our lives miserable for months because we just couldn’t have a conversation. I think we were a lot better at communicating now.”

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Charli chimed in, adding, “Anyone who has siblings gets it. You go through ups and downs and that’s very normal. But definitely seeing it on a scale like this is you realize how dramatic things can be when it doesn’t have to be.”

During The D’Amelio Show season 3 premiere, Dixie was preparing for a concert at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles when she got into a massive fight with her sister. The duo were filming a confessional when they started going at it.

“I have rehearsal all day,” Dixie said. Charli replied, “I know, we’re going!”

Dixie responded that she was “actually doing the rehearsal” and not just watching.

Charli D Amelio Calls Herself Sister Dixie s Human Punching Bag Amid Ongoing Tension 408
Courtesy of Hulu

“You guys need me. You act like you don’t,” Dixie said. Charli hit back with, “I don’t f–king need you.”

At one point, Charli called her sister “grouchy” and told her to “find another roommate.” (It was revealed in the premiere that they had officially been living together for a year).

“Everyone wants me to look like the bitch,” Dixie said. Charli replied, “Then stop being the bitch.”

Later in the episode, Charli arrived at Dixie’s rehearsal and things escalated.

“I’m not fighting with her. She’s been fighting with me all day,” Charli told viewers. “She’s making me sad because she keeps yelling at me but it’s fine. I’m here, supporting. I didn’t do anything, though.”

Dixie suddenly bursts into tears, having a minor breakdown during her rehearsal.

“When I see Dixie meltdown, I never know how to react because she either doesn’t want anything to do with me and doesn’t want me around or she wants me to, kind of, help her. It’s so confusing,” Charli explained. “It’s a difficult situation. She’s allowed to be upset and no one else is. No matter how I seem to handle the situation, it’s just wrong.”

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The premiere episode ended with Charli leaving Dixie’s show at the Fonda Theatre after speculating that her sister didn’t want her there.

“It’s not doing me any good to just continue to be around her knowing what she’s going to put me through,” Charli said.

When reflecting on Charli and Dixie’s fight in the second episode, Heidi expressed that she’s “concerned” with her daughters moving into a new house together. Charli, for her part, was having second thoughts about living with her sister.

“She doesn’t even see sometimes how hurtful she can be,” Charli told Heidi. “It’s such an uncomfortable position to be in.”

New episodes of The D’Amelio Show release via Hulu on Wednesdays.