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How I Met Your Mother, Lost, The Sopranos, and Other TV Series Finales That Caused a Frenzy

The cast of 'How I Met Your Mother' during the series finale
Fans of How I Met Your Mother were outraged by its polarizing ending on Monday, March 31 -- see 10 other series finales that caused a frenzy

Legen — wait for it — eh, nevermind. Twelve million fans of How I Met Your Mother flocked to its series finale on Monday, March 31, but if social media is any indication, many were left with angry tears. (Ugh, that French horn!) Twitter erupted with frustrated comments about the CBS comedy's dramatic turn, putting it in the same category as some of the most talked-about TV series finales of all time. 

Here's a look back at 10 series finales that caused a frenzy just like good ole' Ted and Aunt Robin!

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1. The Sopranos (June 10, 2007)
Wait, what just happened to the cable!? In its final episode, viewers were briefly confused when the HBO smash hit ended with a black out, leaving the fate of Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) hanging in the balance.

2. Angel (May 19, 2004)
So long, Wes! The Joss Whedon-created Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff series ended with a battle, but who actually survived is still unknown.

3. Seinfeld (May 14, 1998)
Let's hope they brought Junior Mints! Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, and George ended up in jail after nine hilarious seasons.

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4. Gossip Girl (Dec. 17, 2012)
Who is Gossip Girl? The reveal didn't sit well with some. Xoxo.

5. Desperate Housewives (May 13, 2012)
Susan Mayer drives off into the sunset, and is followed by her past.

6. Dexter (Sept. 22, 2013)
There was blood, but not Dexter's. His exile ending didn't fare well with dedicated viewers.

7. The Hills (July 13, 2010)
Wait, it was fake the whole time? I'm confused!

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8. St. Elsewhere (May 25, 1988)
It was all a snowglobe-inspired daydream!

9. Roseanne (May 20, 1997)
It's just for her book! In the finale episode, it's revealed that the entire series is actually a story written about Roseanne Conner's life. The family didn't win the lottery, and her husband Dan's heart attack was fatal.

10. Lost (May 23, 2010)
Too many questions! The last moments confused viewers as the dead characters reunited in the "church" scene.

Tell Us: What TV series finales are you still talking about?

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