Jimmy Kimmel Stages Special Oscars 2015 Edition of Lie Witness News: Watch!

Let’s hope they’re not Academy members! Jimmy Kimmel staged a special Oscars 2015 edition of Lie Witness News on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Sunday, Feb. 22, asking interview subjects about fake movies and scenes.

“With the exception of American Sniper, this year’s Best Picture nominees didn’t make a lot of money at the box office,” Kimmel, 47, explained on his Oscars special show. “But, the Academy Awards is of course one of the most hyped events of the year. You hear so much about it, everyone is talking about it, so there’s a lot of pressure to have an opinion about which movies and actors will win, even if you haven’t seen any of them.” 

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“So, as we do from time to time, we sent a camera onto Hollywood Boulevard to ask people what they thought about some real nominated movies and about some things we made up,” he added, introducing “Lie Witness News: Oscars 2015 Edition.”

The hilarious sketch, which is one of Kimmel’s staples in his show, took a reporter onto the street to see just how much pedestrians will lie about certain topics. The misinformed participants were asked about eyebrow-raising movies plots and gave their opinions on the films that they claimed to have seen. 

jmmy kimmel lie witness news oscars
Jimmy Kimmel stages a special Oscars 2015 edition of Lie Witness News

“Did you think it was overkill that Julianne Moore cried for a full 90 minutes in Cryface? Or was that just right?” the reporter asked one passerby.

“Oh no, it was just right!” he exclaimed. “It’s never an overkill, never an overkill to cry.”

“How did you think Angelina Jolie did as Rosa Parks in Selma?” the reporter asked another Lie Witness News star. “Was that powerful?”

“Yes, definitely, she was very powerful,” the woman replied, adding that she “absolutely” brought a sexiness to “that scene on the bus.” 

Watch the uproarious Oscars lies in the video above!

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