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Kaci Campbell Reveals Promises Evan Made Before ‘Temptation Island,’ What He Told Her Parents and More

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Temptation Island wasn’t easy for Kaci Campbell to watch — but she feels like the show saved her life. On this week’s “Watch With Us” podcast, Kaci, 28, reveals what it was like watching the show back, what happened when she and Evan Smith got back to Los Angeles, her reaction to Morgan Lolar and so much more. (Plus, don’t miss what she thinks about Evan and Morgan’s engagement, here!)

Read highlights of the interview below and listen to the full interview above. Also, subscribe to the “Watch With Us” podcast on iTunes for free.

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On getting rid of Evan’s things:
“He left all of his crap and his dog in my apartment. He finally, I want to say three weeks later, came home while I was out. He took, like, one suitcase of things and his dog and then left everything else. … I literally just put it all in trash bags and gave it to Goodwill and threw the rest out and never looked back.”

On the last time they spoke:
“He started texting me on New Year’s Eve and I sent him a vicious, vicious text message that really laid it out — how I feel about everything, how I feel about him and how there is zero hope for him to ever be in my life — and I haven’t heard from him since. Thank God for that.”

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On going on the show to begin with:
“The whole reason he went on the show is to prove to me and to my family. I mean he literally told my mom and dad, ‘We’re using this show for a paycheck, to save up for our wedding. Your daughter is the only woman I’ll ever want to marry. I’m there to prove myself and redeem myself from my past.’”

Mario Perez/USA Network

On apologizing so much during the final bonfire:
“I am so mortified. … For an entire month before we did the show Evan and I talked every single day, all the scenarios that could possibly happen, we game planned. He said, ‘No matter what we see, no matter what we hear, we won’t make any decisions. There’s no way that we’ll blindside or humiliate each other. End of story.’ I want to say three or four days before we got on the plane to Maui, I kind of cried to him and I was like, ‘If for some reason you fall in love with a girl on this show and it’s just like this is The One and you’re all in, that’s fine, but please don’t humiliate and blindside me on national television. Please, let’s go home and break up like civil adults who care and respect for each other.’ He promised me that that was what was going to happen. I stuck to the game plan, because I’m loyal. … I don’t believe ultimatums are right. With that said, I feel like I was in a situation that it was very valid and it needed to be done because I wasn’t in a relationship or a situation that was OK. It was really bad and I don’t regret it, but that’s where my mind was that I was staying loyal. I was staying true to myself. I was protecting someone that’s been through absolute hell and I didn’t want to blindside or humiliate him on national television. I didn’t get that same respect in return.”

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On dating today and Val:
“I’m definitely trying to keep the dating life of little bit more private. Honestly, I’m definitely dating around. It’s so crazy because I’ve never truly been single. … I’m so confident and I love myself, but I’m truly thriving. Dating is fun. It really truly is and meeting people’s awesome. I’m not going to lie, I definitely have really strong feelings for someone. … I’ll just put it out there, the way that Val and some of the single guys treated me on the island blew me away. I’ve literally never been treated like that.”

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