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Kristin Davis Knows Charlotte Seems Like a ‘Fully Insane Human Being’ on ‘And Just Like That’

Kristin Davis Knows Charlotte Looks Like a 'Fully Insane Human Being' on 'And Just Like That'
Kristin Davis as Charlotte in 'And Just Like That.'Craig Blankenhorn / HBO Max

Has Charlotte lost it? Maybe so. In the new Sex and the City spinoff, And Just Like That, Kristin Davis‘ character appears a bit more manic than usual — especially in the fourth episode, which dropped on HBO Max on Thursday, December 23.

During the episode, Charlotte freaks out when wanting to impress LTW (Nicole Ari Parker), panicking once she realizes that she and Harry (Evan Handler) don’t have a “a more diverse friendship circle.” Ahead of LTW’s dinner party, she forces her husband to educate himself on Black artists, authors in more.

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“In terms of her freaking out, I felt really nervous about the [scene with the] neighbor, and that [Charlotte] would seem like a fully insane human being,” Davis, 56, told Entertainment Weekly.

That said, the story line wasn’t tough for the Melrose Place alum to step into.

Kristin Davis Knows Charlotte Looks Like a 'Fully Insane Human Being' on 'And Just Like That'
Kristin Davis as Charlotte in ‘And Just Like That.’ Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

“I’ve already had to deal with a lot of these issues because I have Black children. A lot of this is very, very familiar to me in terms of my friends and my family and different people around me, where maybe that was something that they had to deal with,” the actress, who adopted daughter Gemma in 2011 and son Wilson in 2018, explained. “I loved to hear [writer] Keli [Goff]‘s point of view, and I loved to hear Nicole’s point of view because we’re trying to make something that is relatable to all. I always trust [producer] Michael Patrick [King] in terms of knowing how Charlotte would or would not react, and he always modulates me if I’m in any way off.”

When Davis joined the revival, she was looking forward to exploring race since it was a topic Sex and the City, which aired form 1998 to 2004, hadn’t ever tackled.

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“It’s something that’s very important to me. I felt that if we have this opportunity that we should take it, and we do. It’s been a joy, and our new writers and our new actors have just been mind-bogglingly brilliant and wonderful, and they have so many ideas,” the Holiday in the Wild star shared. “We talked about which artists [should be featured] for months and months. Because you have to go through the artist and the agent [to get the rights], and it’s a process. We really wanted to be current and on point, but also we had to make sure that [the pieces] were available to us. So it was a whole thing. We stressed about it because we wanted to be good, and we wanted to be real. Charlotte really means well, as we know, but she’s not perfect by any means.”

Parker, 51, also shared a ton of ideas and Davis was excited to collaborate.

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“I loved her input in all things, but especially the scene that we have later where we’re having coffee and we talk about [the dinner parties]. That was a very, very important scene for us, and a scene that changed, I don’t know, possibly 10 times,” she told EW. “We were really trying to get it right, get the right tone, the proper gravitas, but also the fact that these are just two people coming together. It’s not easy to do.”

New episodes of And Just Like That debut on HBO Max every Thursday.

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