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Married at First Sight’s Karen Details Overwhelming Wedding Day: Miles and I Were ‘Pleasantly Surprised’ (Exclusive)

Married at First Sight Karen Details Overwhelming Wedding Day To Miles
Miles and Karen on ‘Married at First Sight’ Kinetic Content

Karen was hesitant before walking down the aisle to meet Miles during the Wednesday, July 22, episode of Married at First Sight. After watching the episode, she shared her reactions in a recap for Us Weekly.

Watching my wedding day was very challenging. I remember being very sick and overwhelmed. I was already questioning my decision to trust this process, and my biggest fear was that I would know my husband. That fear became a partial reality hours before I walked down the aisle. Although I did not know Miles personally, I knew exactly who he was when I found out his name — NOLA is that small!

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Obviously, someone made a mistake when they sent the text with his name, but trusting strangers to match me after a mistake of that magnitude was made, was not easy to do. This is just a TV show for viewers, but for me, it’s real life. Based on what I knew about Miles and what I knew about myself, right away I had mixed feelings on whether this match would work.

He was younger than what I had asked the experts for and seemed to be a more emotional guy that shared a lot on his profile. In the past, I’ve been more drawn to men who are a little more reserved. I’m also a more private person and I don’t typically go for the guy that’s “in the spotlight.” I didn’t think Miles was a bad guy by any means, but still, I had concerns, which is normal, right?

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Despite my concerns, I want to find love and decided to try and trust the process. When I got to the altar, Miles was handsome in person, and more importantly, he seemed very thoughtful. After getting some alone time with my new husband, I started to feel much more comfortable with him than I expected. At our wedding reception, we had so many great moments that the cameras didn’t capture. It really meant a lot to me! We had so much fun and both agreed we were pleasantly surprised by our matches.

Brett and Olivia on Married at First Sight
Brett and Olivia on ‘Married at First Sight’ Julie Verlinden Photography

As for the other couples, Olivia looked awesome in her dress, and Brett looked great in his tux. She just makes me smile! Her naming a star for her husband was so cool, and her bridesmaids in suits blew me away. Plus, how adorable was it to see how excited she and Brett were at the altar when they realized they had a shared love for cats?

It was so much fun watching Amani and Woody make a connection from the moment they locked eyes (and they looked fabulous). I enjoyed seeing another perspective on Woody — the moments with his family and his cousin’s speech really warmed my heart, and the genuine support from Amani’s family and friends was awesome too.

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Amelia and Bennett both have such a creative spirit, and I loved watching her friends remind her of how special she was on her wedding day. While the unicycle took me out, I thought it was the perfect introduction to Amelia’s personality! Right off the bat, these two seemed like a match made in heaven. But when I saw them at the altar and realized that they seem to recognize one another, my jaw dropped. It looks like I’m not the only bride who knew who her groom was — and I can’t wait what happens next.

Married at First Sight airs on Lifetime Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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