‘Married At First Sight’ Premiere Recap: Three New Couples Tie the Knot

Married at First Sight
Married at First Sight Nat Chittamai/Lifetime (3)

Wedding bells are ringing again! Three new couples made up of strangers got married during the Tuesday, July 10, season premiere of Married At First Sight. The Dallas-based couples really hit it off their first day, but some of the families and wedding guests remained skeptical of the unusual process.

Dave and Amber’s Road to the Bedroom

Dave Flaherty and Amber Martorana both love structure in their daily lives. The professionals set them up because they have “lifestyle and lifetime goals” that are similar. They love to have routines and want to start a family sooner than later. Even though she did vomit at her bachelorette party, she was excited on her wedding day to meet the stranger she had been set up with.

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“This is easily one of the most intense moments of my life,” David said before his wife walked down the aisle. They both found each other very attractive and even found out they both went to the same gym, which freaked Amber out. She said “one of the worst guys (she has) dated” attends that gym, and it’d be “embarrassing” for Dave to find out.

As far as their physical chemistry, it was the strongest among the three couples on the show. They had to hold back on kissing with tongue because Amber promised her mom she wouldn’t. They both were eager to get back to their newlywed suite and have sex for the first time.

Danielle Lands Her Southern Gentleman

Danielle Bergman wanted a southern gentleman, so the experts picked Bobby Dodd for her — a family man who wants to find a wife and settle down. Even though his family is supportive of his decision to marry a stranger, her family is not as they have different core values. Danielle is looking for someone with a family she will fit right in to.

Even though Danielle’s mom didn’t show up to wedding dress shop with her, they did make the wedding. “I just feel so relieved,” Danielle said when her mom walked in. “I can finally be excited about the most important day of my life.”

Being the southern gentleman he is, Bobby took a stop on his walk down the aisle to greet nearly everyone who was there for Danielle, specifically her mother. They all loved him and thought they’d be so cute together. When the pair did meet, they were ecstatic.

“I got my southern gentleman,” Danielle said. “I am very, very happy.” Bobby was over-the-moon as well, especially when he got to kiss his wife for the first time at the altar. “It was the best kiss I ever had,” he said.

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His family loved Danielle and thought she was a perfect addition to their family. These two also seemed pretty excited to get physical after the wedding was over. Danielle even admitted to getting a bikini wax for the big night. “It’s not wrong if you’re married,” she joked.

Mia and Tristan Hit It Off — But She Won’t Kiss Him

Mia Bally and Tristan Thompson were matched together due to their deep connection with their faith and the fact that they are both extremely attractive and seem to be each other’s type. Even though Mia was excited to start this new chapter of her life, her family was mortified.

“This doesn’t just involved me. It involves my family. And my family hasn’t been really supportive,” she said.

Despite their reservations, her family did show up to the wedding. Mia and Tristan were both freaking out, but were extremely attracted to one another. One of the first things they said to each other was that their new partner was “beautiful.”

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During the ceremony, Tristan celebrated when he found out his wife was a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. They exchanged heartfelt vows, but when Tristan tried to kiss her, she made him give her a peck on the cheek. “She didn’t kiss him. I don’t like that,” Tristan’s uncle said.

Once they got to talking, Mia was worried she didn’t meet Tristan’s expectations. “He seems like a dream so far,” she said. “I feel that we would make cute babies … that’s for sure.”

Tristan was just as pleased with his new wife, calling her the “entire package.” Even though things were going well, Mia’s family was on guard. Her sister threatened Tristan not to hurt Mia, and Mia’s dad warned Tristan not to have sex with his daughter on the first night.

“I want her to enjoy the process and not be forced into anything,” her dad said to Tristan. After the wedding, they seemed to relax a lot and were excited for the future.

“Dude, God is real. Oh my God, she is amazing,” Tristan said.

Married at First Sight (produced by Kinetic Content) airs on Lifetime on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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