Meet Pawfficer Donut, the Troy Police Department’s Adorable Cat

Pawfficer Donut Courtesy of the Troy Police Dept./Twitter

Stop in the name of the paw because this is too cute to miss! Meet Pawfficer Donut, the Troy, Michigan, police department’s feline law enforcement official.

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A sweet pic of the sleeping gray kitten went viral on Twitter when the Troy Police Department introduced the cat to the world. “Meet Pawfficer Donut, all tuckered out after getting officially appointed as our police cat,” the official account tweeted. “Welcome, Donut!”

Since then, the department has shared a series of photos and videos of the kitty undergoing advanced training at Police Acatemy. “Day and night, Pawfficer Donut has been training to patrol the streets of Troy,” one video teases. “Aspiring police cats everywhere are counting on Pawfficer Donut to succeed.”

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According to a local Michigan news outlet, the cat was sworn in by two judges and even given a badge earlier this month. The Troy Police Department’s search for a kitten began in March when they committed to getting a police cat if they reached 10,000 followers by April. Needless to say, the campaign took off.

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Pawfficer Donut stepped in to lead the feline unit after the previous candidate, Pawfficer Badges, fell ill with feline leukemia. The new kitty went through a vigorous vetting process, beating out other potential police cats.

The paw enforcement official not only provides a bright spot of hope in the midst of the dark realities of police work. The Troy Police Department is also using interest in Pawfficer Donut to raise money for their unit and the Michigan Humane Society. By selling “purrtect and serve” feline unit shirts, the organizations hope to support “animal ambassadors to connect law enforcement with the community.”

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