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Nick Jonas Falls Into a Hole on Stage While Singing ‘Sail Away’: ‘Ouch’

Nick Jonas Falls Into a Hole on Stage While Singing ‘Sail Away
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Nick Jonas “fell … so fast” into a hole on stage.

Jonas, 30, took a tumble while performing at TD Garden in Boston on Tuesday, August 15. While singing “Sail Away,” he could be seen dancing and pointing to the crowd before backing up and slipping into an open trap door. He quickly hopped out of the hole and mouthed “Ouch.” Jonas then ran across the stage to join his brothers Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas for the rest of the song.

Joe, 34, and Kevin, 35, smiled as Nick ran to them, which had some fans wondering whether they were holding back laughter at Nick’s slip.

In a fan’s viral TikTok video, a security guard was seen attempting to warn Nick about the hole before he fell. The guard reached for his leg and tried to grab him but was too late.

Nick Jonas Falls Into a Hole on Stage While Singing ‘Sail Away

Fans quickly shared their thoughts in the comments section. One wrote, “Awh the security guard tried to warn him before he stepped back and then grabbed his foot 🥺.” A second user added, “Kevin and Joe just laughing is the most big brother thing.” A third questioned why the trap door was open, to which another fan answered, “It’s closed actually when you first watch it then opens later.” They predicted, “I think he was on that side longer than planned and they had [a] stool go up for [the] next song.”

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This isn’t the first (minor) blunder that the Jonas Brothers have encountered during The Tour. On Saturday, August 12, Joe told the crowd, “It’d be kinda cool to watch Jonas Brothers fans start the wave,” right as Nick was trying to give the audience an emotional speech before singing “Turn Right.”

Seemingly unhappy with the wave going on during his meaningful words, he stopped his speech and said, “Look, I know y’all trying to do the wave, but I just want to tell you this one thing and then we can get back to the wave.”

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The next night, a fan signaled for Joe to start the wave again while Nick was playing “Turn Right,” but Joe shook his head at the fan and raised his eyebrows while motioning at Nick.

The Jonas Brothers kicked off their tour in New York before traveling around the country, performing five albums and 67 songs per night — totaling to a three-hour long concert. Fans can purchase tickets at

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