‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Reunion Recap: Kenya Moore Spars With Phaedra Parks and Kim Fields

Real Housewives of Atlanta
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Reunited and it feels so good! Well, sort of. On Sunday, March 20, the Real Housewives of Atlanta gathered for a trip down memory lane. Fortunately, Andy Cohen was on hand to supervise. Though plenty of the season's hot topics and subsequent shade were discussed, everyone ended part 1 of the reunion with their weaves still intact — a small miracle in itself.

During the introductions, the women provided updates on some of the key events that had taken place in their lives since filming wrapped. Many highlights focused on babies. Kandi Burruss had given birth to her son, Ace, and Porsha Williams had become an aunt. As for Kenya Moore, asked by Cohen to address the rumors that she's pregnant, she played coy. "I can't really tell you anything right now," she said with a smile. He let it go at that, for now. Still, Moore was hardly out of the hot seat as Cohen questioned her about her various feuds over the season.

Kenya vs. Phaedra

After Phaedra Parks readily admitted that she had called Moore "oatmeal pie face," Moore snapped, "That's not funny."

Parks shrugged and added, "You're a pretty girl, but you've got bad skin."

Moore first argued it wasn't fair to attack her looks, but then went on to attack Parks'. "You're not one to talk because on your best day and my worst, you wouldn't even be my third runner-up," she snapped.

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Parks rolled her eyes and said, "You're not married. You've got no children." (Hey, at least it wasn't about Parks' looks anymore.)

Ultimately, Parks backed off and semi-apologized to Moore, who semi-accepted. Then Cohen moved it along to the next set of dueling Housewives.

Phaedra vs. Kandi

Asked by Cohen where she and Parks stood, Burruss admitted she just didn't know. Parks pointed out that she had sent flowers and delivered chicken salad at Burruss' request after Ace was born, but Cohen pointed out that delivering chicken salad does not a friendship make.

"I feel like we both want things to be better, but you know how you kind of feel a person out," Burruss trailed off, seemingly unsure of exactly what to say. One thing she was sure of, however: "I don't pay my husband an allowance," she snapped after a clip ran of Parks referencing Todd Tucker getting money from his wife. "Don't come for me that way."

Parks said she had apologized and "tried to move forward," noting that she "felt a certain way" when she'd learned that Burruss and Tucker had some of Parks' estranged husband Apollo Nida's stuff in their garage.

For her part, Burruss insisted she wasn't trying to be shady about having Nida's stuff. "I wasn't trying to be two-faced," she argued. "I just did not think it was a secret."

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As for the money Parks owed Tucker to finish her workout video? Apparently that had been settled as of a week before filming the reunion, though Parks did mention that she was now paying to have a lot of the work redone. Burruss sighed and Cohen moved on.

Kenya vs. Kim

Andy then circled to the biggest brawl of the season: Moore vs. Kim Fields. The discussion started innocuously enough, with Cohen asking each of the Housewives (including Fields) if she thought she was a fit for the show. "I don't know still to this day if it's a fit per se, but was it entertaining? A lot of times, yes," Fields began.

Moore argued that Fields wasn't a fit because she was too "condescending" to the group. Burruss added she didn't think Fields fit in because she wasn't prone to dealing with confrontation, a sentiment Parks echoed. Cynthia Bailey said she didn't think Fields was judgmental of the others, just that she seemed really "uncomfortable," and Williams said she'd hoped Fields would transform from judgmental newbie into more of a beloved "aunt" of the group. (Fields did not appreciate that much.) In other words, no, no one thought Fields was a good fit.

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From there, the discussion pivoted to Moore's TV show, Life Twirls On, which she had first asked Fields to work on. Suffice it to say, Moore was not pleased when Fields shared the screener with her husband, Chris Morgan, and he was less than enthused. "I didn't give it to her husband," Moore said. "I gave it to her, so his opinion didn't matter." Lots of eyebrows went up at that. Moore also told Fields, "That's biting the hand that feeds you. I brought you into this group, so you need to understand that."

Cohen took a moment and asked Moore how she thought her career compared to Field's. "I don't think her career has been better than mine," she began. 

"She's on the stage that I'm the star of right now," Moore added, "She's here, the lowest man on the totem pole." Just in case you missed that, Moore is the star of this ensemble show — at least in her own mind.

Moore did take responsibility for getting physical with Fields in Jamaica and trying to yank her chair out from under her. "I recognized that I was out of line for doing that and I apologized to Kim," she said. Fields just said that she had been grateful her husband was there to basically talk her off the ledge after that incident. At that point, Bailey, who had mainly stayed out of this discussion so far, chimed in to say that she thought Fields had "handled herself well."

The discussion continued to spiral downward until Fields shouted over Moore, "You don't get to keep interrupting people!" At that point, both women started aggressively clapping their hands at each other in an attempt to quiet the other down. (Spoiler alert: It didn't work.)

"What is your point now?" Moore asked.

"I am making it!" Fields snapped back.

"OK and we are bored, so please get to it," Moore replied.

"Say something!" Fields shouted.

"Something, Kim," Moore shouted.

Sheree Whitfield leaned over to Moore and whispered, "I can't take it," which was good timing because the episode ended right there.

Tell Us: Do you think Moore and Fields are going to resolve their differences?

Part 2 of the three-part Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion airs on Bravo on Sunday, March 27, at 8 p.m. ET.

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