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Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Bethenny Frankel, Ramona Singer Brawl Over Brunch

Luann De Lesseps, Bethenny Frankel, Carole Radziwill, Heather Thomson
The Real Housewives of New York City ended episode 2 of season 7 with a fight over brunch plans. 

If the first six seasons of The Real Housewives of New York City have taught America anything, it’s that the wives will argue about any subject at any moment. The only thing that changes is the setting. The latest RHONY blowup focused on brunch, and featured Bethenny Frankel taking on Ramona Singer at LuAnn de Lesseps‘ new house in the Hamptons. Clearly, it was incredible to watch.

Read on for the mimosa-inspired drama of RHONY season 7 episode 2, “New House, Old Gruges.”

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Real Thoughts, Real Housewives

The women all made their way out to the Hamptons, with Heather Thomson and Carole Radziwill carpooling through Long Island while discussing how nervous they were about seeing Ramona and Sonja Morgan.

Heather Thomson and Ramona Singer
Ramona Singer apologzied to LuAnn de Lesseps about all her past criticism of the Countess’ marriage in The Real Housewives of New York City episode “New House, Old Grudges.”

Ramona and Dorinda Medley headed out to stay at Ramona’s Hamptons home, where their conversation quickly turned to now ex-husband Mario Singer and his infidelity. The new Housewife dropped knowledge on her pal, explaining that cheating is never excusable, and that adults who are unhappy with a relationship should just end things instead of seeking out the attention of another person. Preach, Dorinda!

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Later, the whole gang met up at LuAnn’s old Hamptons house. The Countess was having an estate sale, which is just a rich person’s way of saying garage sale. Almost immediately, Ramona approached LuAnn and apologized for being rude about LuAnn’s relationship in the past. Ramona explained, “No one knows what it feels like unless you’re walking in someone’s shoes,” and she now understood the difficulties of divorce. LuAnn was unsure about the apology, saying, “I will forgive her, but will never forget what she said to me in the past.”

So Sag Harbor

Later, at LuAnn’s new abode, Carole flirted with LuAnn’s hot young chef, Adam, and accidentally burned herself on the stove. Before you judge, remember the old saying, “let those who have not accidentally charred their flesh in the name of booty throw the first stone.” It’s not her fault she’s “very attracted to attractive men!”

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Brunch Blowout

The breakfast food-related incident began when Bethenny asked Sonja and the other women if they wanted to come to her place for brunch. Ramona jumped up and, in a manic state, explained that it had already been decided that she was having everyone at her place for brunch. Bethenny told Ramona that she didn’t realize there were already plans in place, but it was too late. Ramona was in a frenzied state and everyone began talking at once. The best part? No one actually got Ramona’s invitation. “Something is wrong with my emails,” she mused.

RHONY photo of the house
The Real Housewives of New York visited Countess Luann’s new summer house.

To her credit, Ramona went to talk to Bethenny and admit that she knew the other women did not, in fact, get the email about brunch. Bethenny accepted this piece of information and replied, “I don’t really want to hang out with you.” The two then bickered some more, and their conversation ended with Ramona weirdly whispering to Bethenny like she was a scared child.

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It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

If you thought that was enough time for a television show to spend on a meal that’s essentially an excuse to drink alcohol while the sun is still out, you were wrong. The next RHONY is titled “Battle of The Brunches,” so this fight still has a long way to go. The episode ended with Ramona storming back into LuAnn’s house while bellowing, “Bethenny made a line in the sand!” Only the strong shall cross it.

Tell Us: Are you on the edge of your seat wondering where the women will have brunch?!

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