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Schitt’s Creek’s Dan Levy ‘Won’t Give Anything Away’ About Possible Film, Sister Sarah Levy Says (Exclusive)

Schitt’s Creek’s Dan Levy Possible Film
Daniel Levy Rob Latour/Shutterstock

Ew, David — stop being a disgruntled pelican! Dan Levy has yet to reveal plans for a Schitt’s Creek movie, but his sister — and costar — Sarah Levy isn’t ruling out a Rose family reunion.

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“I don’t even doubt. I wouldn’t put it past him for a second. I have all the hope in the world that there will be a movie,” the SurrealEstate actress, 34, exclusively told Us Weekly. “I think we’d all just drop every project we were on just to get a chance to work together again. We just love each other so much and have kind of experienced this just incredible experience over the past six years together, seeing how the show has really taken off and affected so many people around the world. And I think through that, we’re all kind of tied together forever in a way, but we would in a heartbeat do it.”

The Emmy-winning comedy ran for six seasons from 2015 to 2020, focusing on the Rose family — David Rose (Dan), Alexis Rose (Annie Murphy), Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy) and Moira Rose (Catherine O’Hara) — a self-centered family that moves into a rundown motel after going broke.

Schitt’s Creek’s Dan Levy Possible Film 2
Annie Murphy, Daniel Levy, Catherine O’Hara, and Eugene Levy in Season 3 of ‘Schitt’s Creek.’ Steve Wilkie/Cbc/ITV/Kobal/Shutterstock

Dan, 37, for his part, isn’t ruling out a film either, if only to reunite Moira with all of her wigs. “I hope eventually,” he told Town & Country last month. “Listen, I love everybody so much. I love Annie, even for hinting at that. We had such a great time making the show and I think if the idea is right, I would love to explore what a movie could look like. But I don’t have that idea yet. I’m still searching for it. So, my fingers are crossed, but I also think you need to give people a little time to miss you. So, I’m taking some time and we’ll see what happens in the next couple of years, but my fingers are tightly crossed.”

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Don’t expect him to reveal details — not even to the cast. “Daniel won’t give anything away ever, you know, he’s extremely busy right now,” Sarah told Us. “But I’d be surprised if it didn’t happen one day down the road.”

Schitt’s Creek’s Dan Levy Possible Film Sarah Levy
Dan Levy and Sarah Levy Drew Altizer Photography/Shutterstock

In the meantime, Murphy, 34, has been bribing the Happiest Season actor, recently joking to Us that she’s “been sending” him $5 a day to speed up the writing process.

“So far, I have not heard back about a movie officially. But, oh, my God, I would be just over the moon if that ever came to pass because I miss everyone so much every day,” she told Us in May. “Just to see Moira again, I would pay a lot of money to do that.”

Schitt’s Creek’s Dan Levy Possible Film 3
Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara in Season 5 of ‘Schitt’s Creek.’ CBC/ITV/Kobal/Shutterstock

Although the Rose family initially dreaded their rural town move, by the series finale, they all found their path. Alexis moved to New York City, Johnny and Moira launched the Rosebud Motel franchise in L.A. and David and husband Patrick (Noah Reid) stayed put to run their Rose Apothecary shop. As for Sarah’s character, Twyla, well, she remained working at Cafe Tropical and revealed she was a millionaire the entire time.

“I think she’s going to be in Schitt’s Creek [in 10 years]. I think she’ll have a family and I think her children’s upbringings are going to be very different than her own,” Sarah explained to Us. “But she’s content with exactly what she has, which is exactly where we left her. And that brings satisfaction. And despite all the money she won, she has a very peaceful life serving her community, literally and figuratively. I think she’s going to be sending her kids to middle school in 10 years, elementary school. She’ll be baking cookies and doing the PTA and all of that. With hopefully a lovely husband by her side.”

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Her partner, however, most likely won’t be ex Mutt (played by Tim Rozon). “I thought that there was always a possibility, although I think they know themselves very well. And I think when you know that something isn’t working like they did, I think that the relationship had run its course. Not that you can’t say, never say never. And I don’t think him seeing Alexis would have deterred Twyla from that eventually, because I think she’s in the mentality that everything happens for a reason and what’s meant to be, will be. So if they were to get back together that’s kind of where her head would be at. But I don’t think that they end up together,” she reasoned. “Maybe it’s a new guy in town that’s come in from Elmdale and they settle down in Schitt’s Creek. And he comes into the diner and sits down at the counter and the rest is history.”

Schitt’s Creek’s Dan Levy Possible Film 4
Noah Reid and Daniel Levy in Season 5 of ‘Schitt’s Creek.’ CBC/ITV/Kobal/Shutterstock

For more, read the rest of her Q&A below:

Us: Did you have any specific rituals or traditions getting into character?

SL: I find that as soon as I put my wardrobe on, as an actor, it instantly helps me really become the character. Not so much hair and makeup, but it’s the wardrobe that really does it for me. Putting on her little running shoes — that never changed over the past six years — and jeans that were a little ill-fitting and tops that were a little too big. It definitely helped get into that mentality of who this sweet person was. So that was pretty much it for me. I didn’t necessarily have anything else that I would kind of do to get in. That was really all the access I needed.

Us: When did you learn that Twyla was rich the whole time?

SL: I didn’t know anything up until we were about to start shooting the last season and I had heard rumors that they wanted to take Twyla’s character in that direction. That she won the lottery. But the script kept changing. They kept changing their minds with how they wanted things to tie up. I knew that was a potential [idea], but I wasn’t really sure whether it was actually going to happen. So when we got to reading the 13th episode of season 6, there it was. That was such an emotional episode anyway, tears streaming down people’s faces, starting the big goodbyes. But that was pretty much the first time that I knew that it was really happening. It was nice to kind of learn it in real time.

Us: What was one of your favorite scenes between Twyla and Alexis?

SL: Oh, my gosh, we had so many and it’s always such a joy to work with Annie. She’s just, as we all know, so insanely talented and funny and heartwarming. I think the scene at the very end in the motel where Twyla kind of offers Alexis the money and Alexis refuses. It’s such a wonderful scene between the two of them and shows such growth, particularly on Alexis’ part. And it was a real goodbye between the two of us as characters. It was our last scene, just the two of us, which was again, incredibly emotional. We had a big, long snotty cry after. But I also loved the make-over episode for the two of them. It was something that I had been asking for so long. Like, ‘Can I just get out of my plaid shirt and jeans for one second? And put something nice on?’ I think those two moments are really what sticks out to me.

Us: What props did you take from set?

SL: I took her name tags, of course. I took a menu, which I needed to have. And then I took one of the pieces of [the] chalkboard that was above the diner that tells what the drink specials are, presumably that Twyla had written. And it just kind of sits in my place for me to look at daily. And it’s always such a wonderful reminder of that time.


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