‘Summer House’ Sneak Peek: Ciara Refers to Austen as Lindsay’s ‘Victim,’ Slams Her ‘Asinine’ Behavior

Watch Summer House's Ciara Go off on Lindsay Over Austen: 'Asinine' Behavior
Ciara Miller, Lindsay Hubbard, and Austen Kroll. Bravo; Shutterstock(2)

The incredibly tense calm before the storm. Ciara Miller does not hold back while confronting Lindsay Hubbard over Austen Kroll on the Monday, March 28, episode of Summer House.

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“I’m at my wit’s end, so I just want to talk about, like, respect since that seems to be in your four pillars of, like, love, maybe even friendship,” the nurse begins in Us Weekly’s exclusive sneak peek of the Bravo series. “I think I’ve held my tongue enough. I didn’t say anything to you in Vermont. With me and Austen, I know that there’s, like, hostility there. I don’t necessarily know if I understand where it comes from.”

Ciara and Austen struck up a romance during season 1 of Winter House after Lindsay drunkenly confessed her love for the Southern Charm star. Months later, when Austen visited the Hamptons for Lindsay’s birthday — as depicted on the March 7 and March 21 episodes of Summer House he was caught making out with both women.

“Because I feel like in Vermont, if you guys wanted to have something I absolutely would have taken a step back and let you guys pursue whatever f—king relationship that you wanted to have,” Ciara continues in the clip. “You have continued to disregard me and disrespect me. And you know that I was excited for him to come last weekend and regardless of whether or not it was your birthday or not, I think it’s absolutely asinine and crazy that you would think that, like, I would be OK with him sleeping in your bed.”

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As the group stays quiet, Ciara continues. “And then the other disregard is you guys kissing and making out. I think it’s so actually, like, so f—king funny that you have to isolate your victims in order to be affectionate with them.”

While Danielle Olivera chimed in and whispered, “that’s a bad word to say,” Ciara dismissed her costar’s idea that she went too far.

“Nobody would have known that you guys are making out had you not, like, come back in and were gallivanting around the house, making your statements about y’all making out — could have been a cute kept secret,” Ciara says. “Which further proves my point that you did it to hurt me, you did it to rub it in my face.”

While Lindsay replied, “You were not on my mind,” Ciara wasn’t convinced.

“You just get to do whatever the f—k you want to do. And nobody ever checks you for your f—king behavior when it’s asinine,” she declares. “And the saddest thing about it is everyone’s just like, ‘Oh, that’s Lindsay.’ You get to be as reckless as you want to be with very little consequences. People pass it off as your f—king character.”

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The sneak peek ends there, but fans know based on the trailer that Danielle, Lindsay’s BFF, and Ciara get physical over the drama.

“After the wine was thrown, she threw the wine glass and it shattered on my chest. I’m like, ‘What the f—k? Like, are you kidding me?’” Danielle exclusively told Us in December 2021. “And so, the truth is the next day, I saw bruises — like I had bruises — but Craig [Conover], who was there that weekend, he was, like, ‘Oh my God, I pulled you away that hard.’ … No, the bruises were because of that wine glass that she threw at me and shattered on my chest bone. I’m not OK. I’m not OK about it.”

Summer House airs on Bravo Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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