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‘Teen Mom 2′ Recap: Jenelle Evans’ Ex Is Arrested, Chelsea Houska’s Ex Ignores Aubree’s Birthday

Blasts from the past! On the Monday, February 20, episode of Teen Mom 2, some of the moms were dealing with the same old issues they’d been battling for years. For Leah Messer, it was the health of her firstborn daughters, and for Chelsea Houska, it was the never-ending bad behavior of Adam Lind.

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Jenelle and Barb Are Heading to Court

The episode started with Jenelle Evans yelling at her mom, Barbara Evans, about seeing her 7-year-old son, Jace, of whom Barb still had custody. Jenelle was planning to move forward in regaining custody of him, but the process looked arduous, even though she was finally financially and emotionally stable.

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Though there was no way to be sure she’d get custody of Jace again, she did get an opportunity to challenge her current custody agreement with ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith for son Kaiser: She found out that Nathan was arrested for burglary and criminal domestic violence. He allegedly broke into ex-girlfriend Jessica Henry’s house, pinned her down and yelled at her. The kicker? It was on a Sunday at 4 a.m., which is when he was supposed to be watching Kaiser. (By the sounds of Jenelle’s conversation with fiancé David Eason, Kaiser hadn’t been there on that particular weekend, but still!)

While out to eat with a friend later, Nathan dismissed Jessica’s claims and even made fun of Jenelle. He and his friend laughed that she was probably just happy he was finally single so she could try to win him back, but, uh, wasn’t he just trying to win her back in the last episode? Nathan is too much for Us.

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Jenelle met with her lawyer later to discuss moving forward on her custody cases, deciding to pursue the case with Barb but just keep an eye on Nathan.

Chelsea and Cole Are Parenting Aubree Alone

Chelsea’s daughter, Aubree, turned 7 on this episode! The little girl’s paternal grandmother came to school to have lunch with her, but Adam himself did not show up like he was supposed to. Chelsea tried not to be frustrated that he missed a chance to spend time with his daughter again and instead focused on making Aubree’s evening fun.

Later, after Aubree got her presents, Chelsea revealed that Adam still hadn’t even reached out to wish her a happy birthday.

“It’s so disgusting to me. These are the things that matter,” she fumed as fiancé Cole DeBoer played with Aubree in another room.

Maybe the theory she shared two episodes ago about him only showing up to events that were being recorded for the show was right after all.

Leah and Jeremy Are Failing To Communicate (Again)

At the suggestion of their doctor, Leah was getting Ali’s twin, Aleeah, tested for muscular dystrophy. Later, while out to eat with friends, Leah reassured herself by saying out loud that Aleeah hadn’t shown any symptoms of being affected by her twin’s disease, so she wasn’t worried.

Elsewhere, Leah’s other baby daddy, Jeremy Calvert, was finally coming home after a long-term work assignment in South Dakota. Once he returned, he pushed back the scheduled time to see daughter Addie and went back to being his usual vague self, which led to Leah crying as her grandmother told her it might be time to consider telling him to shove off for good and raising Addie alone.

In the end, Jeremy and Addie were reunited at a park, and Leah put aside her annoyance with him for the time being.

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Kailyn and Javi Are Not Reconciling

After avoiding filming for the past few episodes (and avoiding ex-husband Javi Marroquin altogether), Kailyn Lowry decided to just take a spontaneous, camera-free vacation to Hawaii. Javi, for his part, broke down in tears over his son “going home to an empty house” and how lonely he felt without his family complete.

“I created an empire, and now that’s all gone, everything,” he said through tears.

Somehow, when she got back, Kailyn was ready not only to film again but to work with Javi on coparenting their son, Lincoln, and getting along in general. A producer asked her if Hawaii changed her life, and she said, “It did. It really did.” Whatever works!

As Javi left later that night, a producer followed him to the car and found out that before filming began, Kailyn had been crying. Javi wasn’t sure if it meant she wanted to the halt the divorce, but he didn’t seem interested.

“How do you want me to take you seriously when you got some dude’s shoes in the house?” he wondered.

Back inside, Kailyn swore that wasn’t true, and she hadn’t cried to Javi. She refused to elaborate on camera, telling producers she’d take off her mic if they pushed the subject.

Tell Us: Is Kailyn really over Javi?

Teen Mom 2 airs on MTV Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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