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‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Kailyn Lowry Almost Gives Birth During Island Vacation

A vacation from hell. Kailyn Lowry almost had to give birth during a getaway with her kids during the Monday, October 16 episode of Teen Mom 2. Also, Briana DeJesus’ new baby has a serious heart condition and Luis seemed less-than-interested with his daughter. 

Teen Mom 2
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Here are the 5 biggest moments from this week’s episode:

Island Baby

Kailyn was enjoying vacation in St. Thomas with her children when her feet and hands started to swell up horribly. Because she was 35 weeks pregnant, she was worried she had preeclampsia and would have to deliver the baby on the island.

Despite the situation, she still took time to crack jokes. “Imagine giving birth and there’s still sand on my feet from the beach,” she said.

She went to the emergency room and everything was fine, and she felt relieved. However, her baby daddy Chris Lopez didn’t even answer her messages when she told him about her hospital visit. “He’s with his other girlfriend,” Kail joked. At least she always finds ways to find things to laugh at in serious situations.

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Feeling Left Out

Jenelle Evans was trying to make her son Jace feel involved in her upcoming wedding. She was planning a trip to New York for them to pick up her dress and even told him he could give her away since her dad isn’t around to do it.

At first, Jace seemed excited, but then he got physically uncomfortable. “I don’t want you and David [Eason] to get married,” he blurted out, and quickly tried to say he was joking.

Jenelle seemed upset about it and it didn’t get any easier when she had to see her mom when she dropped off Jace. She told her about the trip to New York and Barb got snippy. “I didn’t really want to discuss the wedding thing since I’m not invited,” she said.

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Name Change

Chelsea Houska finally met with her lawyer to discuss hyphenating Aubree’s last name to include her married name “DeBoer.” The lawyer reached out to her ex Adam Lind’s lawyer to try to work out the agreement.

But apparently, Adam’s lawyer always has a tough time getting ahold of him, so if he doesn’t answer, Chelsea could file a motion to go to court to get it changed. “I don’t see why there would be an issue,” Chelsea said.

It seems like her wish will be granted eventually, and Chelsea couldn’t be more excited. “I’ve never had the same last name as her,” she eagerly told her friend.

Making Time

Leah Messer decided to take her girls to Florida for a quality vacation. She’s been struggling finding time to spend with all three of her daughters equally, and this trip was no different. She tried to spend some personal time with Aleeah because she was feeling left out during last week’s episode.

Her efforts ended up upsetting Ali, who was unable to do some of the things her sisters could due to her muscular dystrophy. “I just want to be like everybody else,” Ali cried.

Leah felt heartbroken, but she knew that even though Ali needed a lot of attention, she couldn’t ignore her other kids. She took Aleeah on a special ride at Busch Gardens that the other two kids couldn’t go on just to make her feel special. “I don’t want you to ever feel left out,” Leah said. It seemed like she was feeling better, but the trip was definitely an eye opener for her.

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Scary Situation

Briana’s baby went to the hospital in last week’s episode to discover she has holes in her heart, which meant Briana would have to keep an even closer eye on her. Stella can live with the condition, but they have to be really careful.

The entire situation was taxing on her entire family, except for Luis who didn’t even show up to the hospital or to her house to see the baby for weeks following. “She needs a father in her life, you know. It’s the reason why we kept her,” Briana said once Luis finally showed up to the house. “You hardly even ask how she’s doing.”

Once she spoke her mind, Briana tried to keep things civil while they spent time with their daughter. However, her mom Roxanne didn’t hold back. “You didn’t even have the decency to f–king call and check up on your daughter. Meanwhile, God knows if she would’ve had a f–king heart attack,” Roxanne said to Luis. “You’re a punk.” Well, he did kind of deserve it for acting that way.

Tell Us: Do you think Kailyn’s baby daddy is totally ditching her?

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