‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Chelsea Houska’s Ex Has Arrest Warrant, Kailyn Lowry Battles Ex Javi

The gloves are off! Did you think everything was better between Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin after last week’s episode of Teen Mom 2? Well, on the Monday, February 27, episode, they proved that things are not better. Someone is lucky in love, though, but it’s not who you think: It’s Leah Messer’s ex, Jeremy Calvert! What does his new engagement mean for his daddy duties to little Adalynn? Read on to find out!

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Chelsea: Having a Little Boy and Dealing With Another

We have to hand it to Chelsea Houska. While all the other moms on the show are stressing over custody arrangements and personal drama, she’s really been living her best life in recent episodes, having her bachelorette party and hanging out with friends. She’s so happy with fiancé and baby-daddy-to-be Cole DeBoer that her segments are — dare we say — almost boring (in the best way possible). Even her issues with Aubree’s dad, Adam Lind, are being handled peacefully.

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On this episode, she and Cole went to get a sonogram and revealed that they were expecting a boy! Cole explicitly told producers, “He’s got a weiner!” OK, maybe Chelsea’s segments aren’t so boring after all.

There was a little drama this episode: Adam had a warrant out for his arrest after refusing to pay child support to Chelsea or the mother of his other child. Chelsea relayed this information to her friend calmly, though, because she’s more or less accepted that Adam will simply never parent.

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Kailyn: Custody Battle 1.0

Kailyn and Javi were on the way to mediation over custody of Lincoln, and before she even left for the meeting, Kailyn was telling her friends she was not at all down with the 50/50 split that Javi was proposing. Later, she quietly told Javi she’d agree to it if they could cancel mediation and just sign some papers, but it soon turned into a fight over who she was hanging out with while Javi was deployed. After she walked out, a producer got Javi to call and apologize … but that turned into a fight, too.

When they met up at a restaurant to talk about more of the custody agreement a few days later, Kailyn stormed out before they could even order food because Javi questioned what the future for her kids would be like when she got a new boyfriend. (Timely episode considering she’s currently pregnant by a mystery man!)

Javi followed her to the parking lot, demanded she come back inside and talk like an adult, then confronted her about allegedly sleeping with another man while he was deployed. Yeah, it escalated quickly, but Kailyn just drove away.

Leah: Dreading a Wedding

At the top of the episode, Leah was telling friends that Jeremy was both way too controlling with Addie, and way too hands-off. He wanted Leah to bring Addie to meet him with no argument whenever he said, but rarely actually wanted to see her.

Later, when Leah picked Addie up from Jeremy after the two spent some time together, he blurted, “I’m sure you already know I’m engaged, right?”

Uh, what? No, she didn’t know that! She handled the news pretty well but reminded him that as someone who’d been through two divorces, she knew how bad they could be and hoped he was making the right choice.

She said she hoped he was happy but didn’t look too thrilled herself. When little Addie said later in the episode that she wanted a boyfriend, Leah told her that boys are gross and boyfriends aren’t really necessary. “I’m my own boyfriend,” Leah mused.

Jenelle: Custody Battle 2.0

Jenelle Evans had an ultrasound this episode, too, but she was focusing on her upcoming deposition in the custody case with her mom, Barb Evans. Jenelle was totally consumed with getting her son Jace back, even if it ruined her relationship with Barb.

Jenelle actually fell back on her frequent appearances in court, pointing out to her lawyer that all of the judges know her and have seen her grow up, so she expected a favorable ruling. That’s interesting logic coming from someone who is known by said judges because of drug charges, but we’ll see how it goes.

Though Jenelle wondered aloud whether Barb only wanted Jace around to keep getting money from Teen Mom 2, Barb broke down in tears when telling a producer she was worried about her daughter and grandson. Barb was especially worried that the show could get canceled and Jenelle could lose the income that supported Kaiser and the baby that was on the way, plus Jace if she got custody of him.

Tell Us: Does Barb want to keep Jace for the right reasons?

Teen Mom 2 airs on MTV Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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