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‘Teen Mom OG’ Recap: Maci Bookout Welcomes Son Maverick, Catelynn Lowell Relapses After Rehab

The best way to celebrate Mother’s Day on MTV’s Teen Mom OG? With another baby, of course! Maci Bookout became a mother of three with the birth of son Maverick on the Monday, October 3, episode. Meanwhile, Farrah Abraham declared that “enough is enough” with Simon Saran, Amber Portwood refused to let ex Gary Shirley into her life and Catelynn Lowell revealed her post-rehab struggles with pot.

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And Anotha One for Maci

Maci and her fiancé, Taylor McKinney, were more than ready to welcome baby Maverick into the world. “I need my drinking partner back,” Taylor joked. And that’s what parenting is all about, right?

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Either way, his wish was her command. After an appointment, Maci announced that the docs would induce her the next day. MTV couldn’t film in the delivery room, but home videos captured sweet moments of baby Maverick and the family. Maci’s son Bentley shared that he wanted to teach Maverick to play baseball. Speaking of, Maci’s still lamenting that her ex Ryan Edwards, Bentley’s dad, doesn’t seem to understand the importance of going to his son’s big game. “Is there some sort of chemical imbalance for him not to feel the same way?” she wondered.

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Later on, Maci revealed that she hasn’t spoken to Ryan in weeks, and he hasn’t met the new baby yet. But even without him, there’s enough love to go around: Bentley and Maci’s daughter Jayde showed excitement about their new sibling, and, Maci gushed, “it’s the cutest pooper ever,” which sounds like it’s probably a compliment somehow.

Farrah Celebrates 25 and the Single Life

Farrah’s in Miami, bitch. She celebrated her 25th birthday at an “exclusive club” after sharing with a friend that she was super excited about the bejeweled bottles there. #Classy. Not on the guest list? Simon. After her dad, Michael, asked about him, Farrah said, “I can’t believe the person who I was trying to have a good relationship with really turned out to be someone who is kind of unstable.”

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“Is it done?” Michael prodded, and then came the typical Farrah-style waterworks. “I mean, I don’t want him around in my life,” she explained tearfully. “I think he’s a negative person, and I can’t stand it.”

Farrah’s mom, Debra, was just fine with that. The two later discussed on the Miami beach (while wearing matching hot-pink bikini tops, obviously) that enough is enough with Simon and that Farrah should date someone else. “I think you deserve a man that is self-made,” Debra advised. “Somebody who is accomplished … like a doctor or a lawyer.”

To finish up the beach scene, Farrah cringed through a painfully awkward, “Thank you, honey, love it,” as daughter Sophia dumped a pail of water on the MTV mainstay’s extremely oiled-up body. Farrah told Debra she would check out We wish her the best.

Amber Denies Gary’s Invite, Leah Denies Gary’s Calls

Amber’s ex-fiancé, Gary, wants everyone to get along for daughter Leah’s sake. He invited Amber and her fiancé, Matt Baier, to hang around after dropping off Leah, suggesting they grill some hot dogs to show their daughter how they can get along. Amber’s reaction: “Ummm, no, it’s OK.”

She immediately looked sad afterward, and the ever-observant, well-intentioned Matt asked, “You okay, Momma? You look really like you’re down.” She said she did not know why she was so down. Even Gary’s “Dad Bod” T-shirt couldn’t lighten the mood.

Teen Mom OG
‘Teen Mom OG’ cast

“I wish we’d get along better,” Gary told a producer afterward. “Anything I do, it is from a good place.” Gary’s wife Kristina added, “It’s always for Leah.”

To help him keep in touch with his daughter, Gary gave Leah an iPhone, hoping to FaceTime her when they’re not together. Naturally, Leah did not understand that she had to charge the phone, probably because she is 7 years old. Sorry, Gary.

Catelynn and Tyler Figure Out Life Post-Rehab

After an exciting return to her family last episode, the effects of Catelynn’s month in rehab are still up in the air. She said she was feeling good about everything early in the episode, but a stressful conversation with husband Tyler Baltierra and his mom, Kim, seemed to show otherwise.

“I could’ve sworn the other day you were high. … You’ve been smoking, haven’t ya?” Kim asked with a concerned–slash–tell-me-the-gossip look on her face. “It’s something that I probably won’t talk about ’cause I don’t want the whole world to know,” Cate replied with an uncomfortable glance to the camera. Kim’s jaw dropped. Tyler said he has to keep his mouth shut because “she’s responsible for her, and I’m responsible for me.” Kim’s jaw remained dropped. *Cue a very long three seconds of intense staring and worried exchanges across the table.*

Despite the post-rehab drama, Tyler took Cate and daughter Nova out to see horses for Mother’s Day, and Cate appreciated the sweet gesture. Then again, he also made comments like, “You’re really indulging,” as she ate dinner, and muttered, “Happy F–king Mother’s Day,” as he arranged her flowers, so it’s all a balance.

Cate also accidentally scratched Tyler’s car, which did not make things better. If there’s a world record for the poutiest face or the loudest sighs, Tyler definitely holds both. “That’s what you get for women driving f–king trucks,” he whined. Happy Mother’s Day, indeed!

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Teen Mom OG airs on MTV Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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