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The Voice’s 5 Weirdest Moments: Miley Cyrus Reminds Blake Shelton of Girlfriend Gwen Stefani!

Week one of the battles was under way on The Voice‘s Tuesday, October 11, episode — and it wasn’t just the contestants at war. Poor ol’ Miley Cyrus got emotional over making her first major choice, but a no-nonsense Blake Shelton was having none of it. Then Adam Levine stole from Alicia Keys. Uh-oh!

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1. Blake and Adam are besties … ish. 

As the show started, we saw Adam and Blake sharing a smooshy hug backstage, while a baffled Miley said, “This is weird. I’ve never seen this.” Lucky for her confused brain, it didn’t last. After Courtney Harrell and Ethan Tucker battled it out on “Gravity” by John Mayer, Blake attempted to sing along a bit. Adam cut him off with, “Don’t ever do that. You sound like you need medical attention.” Phew. Back to the same old, same old.

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2. Miley goes soft. 

In rehearsal, Miley wore fluffy pom-pom earrings and a huge, cozy sweater with a cat on it. Cute, huh? Then the cuddly factor continued when she teared up while choosing Sophia Urista over Lane Mack in the first battle. “I’m not made for this,” she said. “I’m too soft.” Although Blake admitted girlfriend Gwen Stefani “cried every day” when she was a judge, he wasn’t exactly sympathetic toward Miley. “Stop crying,” he told her backstage. “You’re ruining your reputation.”

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“I know!” Miley said, wiping her eyes. “I’m supposed to be heartless and punk-rock.”

“Yes,” Blake said, eyeing her orange pantsuit, “and now they’ll see you in your pajamas and crying.”

Let’s just assume he was nicer to Gwen.

3. Rick Moranis wins. (Zuul would not be pleased.)

On Team Alicia, Dave Moisan and Michael Sanchez sang a lounge-y version of Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie,” and yet again, Blake couldn’t help bringing up Michael’s extremely vague similarity to 1980s-era Ghostbusters actor Rick Moranis. Adam was not impressed with Blake. “What’s the matter with you? That’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard!” Then Adam reassured Michael, “You’re Rick Moranis, but sexy.” Blake’s response? “I’m not attracted to Rick Moranis.”

The Voice
‘The Voice’ Michael Muller/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

4. … And even more Moranis.

It was never-ending. Once Michael’s spot was assured, Blake turned to Alicia and quietly said about him, “So what about that Rick Moranis? He’s good!”

Alicia: “I’m going to Superman him out!”

Blake: “Super-moranis!”

OK, Blake. We got it the first time.

5. Adam steals his fave back!

When it looked like poor old Dave was heading for the chop after his battle, Adam moved in and shamelessly snagged him from Team Alicia.

But before Blake could get his sarcastic 2 cents in, Adam pointed at Blake and shouted, “Just shut up for a minute!” Then the Maroon 5 frontman got supergushy over Dave, saying, “I remember you so specifically as someone I was dying over missing. Let’s make sure that never happens again.” Then he hugged him backstage and said, “I don’t know how that happened. I feel like you got overlooked.” So sweet! But now both Miley and Adam have gone soft. It’s all falling apart!

Tell Us: Are you surprised by Miley’s softer side?

The Voice airs on NBC Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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